Chapter Thirty Seven

She was getting ready for the gala when she got a call from Louise that she can’t make it due to stomach flu. Aurora knew that her stomach flu was a severe case and is medically diagnosed as GERD which makes her friend uncomfortable for hours in a day. It was not like Louise to cancel the last minute without real reason so Aurora definitely understood that there was real cause for it. She told Louise it was definitely alright and that she can go by herself at the gala. It was not something she was expecting being alone in a gala wherein she was to make her very first speech on behalf of Cunard. But there really was no choice. She had to muster her courage and pray that she would be able to pull it off tonight. She looked at her self in the mirror, her make-up smooth and classic with her dark red lips highlighting her fair skin and gold hair. She knew how to do her own make-up and hair and was satisfied with her job seeing herself in the mirror. Now she needed to dress. Her gown was

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lovely book .... but when is it getting updated next?!!!

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