Chapter Thirty Eight

Aurora woke up earlier than usual the following morning. She was not able to sleep soundly, as her mind was constantly thinking about her husband, and their scam marriage. Really, she could not allow her mental health to be so affected by his sudden decision to not have a real marriage with her. She realized that it was her ego that was mostly injured and decided she would not let it affect her deeply. She can definitely control her reactions and her emotions, and it was up to her to make herself comfortable with the arrangement she is with now. Rising from her bed, she brushed her long hair and tied it in a clean pony tail, dressed in a green pullovers and white shorts. After brushing her teeth she went to the kitchen to prepare coffee and breakfast. She was checking the cupboards for the ingredients she was needing, when Penworth greeted her a good morning.

“Good morning, my lady,” Penworth quipped. He was wearing his butler uniform and looked like he did not even sleep with how cle
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