Chapter 11

Sam sprayed on some perfume and looked at herself in the mirror. She touched her dark blue robe that matched her light blue and pearl-toned wardrobe. She highlighted her hazel eyes with black eyeliner and white shadow. She had put on lipstick, even though no one was going to see her lips, but it was to keep them moisturized. Her hair looked beautiful and silky, although only part of it was showing because the veil covered most of her face including her hair. She had changed a lot since Arthur took her to the estate, she was no longer disheveled and her hair didn't look like a bird's nest.

Sometimes it was uncomfortable to wear the veil and she did not know how she would eat with etiquette in front of those people, as it would look strange when the fork went under the cloth. Would she ever get over her trauma? Would she be able to free her face from that veil? Nostalgia overwhelmed her. Before falling into Daniel's clutches she was happy and free. A dreamy young girl without c

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