Chapter 12

Sweats ran down his skin, his chest rose and fell. It hurt.

“That's enough!” she cried out in desperation. A thud, blood, and body spilled.

She fled. At last, she would be free. She ran and ran regardless of discomfort or pain. Her fate was uncertain and going into the forest a danger for a young girl inexperienced in life, for a woman who never stood up for herself. Tears of bewilderment and fear overflowed from her reddened eyes, she still did not believe she was escaping.

The dark forest made it harder for her, however, a light was the sign that told her she was out, but…

Sam woke up with a start. She inhaled and exhaled so as not to have another crisis; she got out of bed and went to the kitchen trembling.

“Chamomile tea will calm me down," she muttered to herself. With trembling hands, she put the kettle on and walked around the kitchen while she waited. When her tea was ready, she sat down and took a sip. It was diffi

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