Chapter 13

“Hello, Anabela,” she turned and frowned when she saw the big man behind her with a basket of apples. Her brown eyes were averting their gaze with an embarrassed expression, and her lower lip was caught between her teeth. She could notice a slight blush on the caramel-colored skin that caused her much tenderness. But she didn't understand his interest in her and it made her uncomfortable. Like many of the workers at the estate, Samuel was just an acquaintance, a person with whom she could not even imagine a close relationship.

“Hello, Samuel," she replied politely, but with a marked coldness. She didn't want to misunderstand him or get his hopes up; it was better to put distance from the beginning.

“The guys and I were picking apples. I thought you might want these, they are the reddest and juiciest of them all.”

“Thank you, Samuel. You can take them to my grandmother, I'm on my way out," she said. Anabella went on her way, le

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