Chapter 14

Anabela hugged herself and tears wet her cheeks. The images of that guy abusing her flashed in her head in seconds that seemed eternal. She was trembling, she was too afraid to live that again, she would rather die, she would not let him get away with it again. She couldn't stand him, she hated him and wanted to kill him with her bare hands. Why did she leave her gun behind? She could already imagine Arthur scolding them, he had warned them about going out unarmed.

She looked at her horse, it wasn't far away! The girls that one kept silent while the men of that foul watched them viciously. She needed to go for help. Henry approached and her nerves got the better of her; no, she would rather die. She ran to her horse and jumped it, luckily she was fast and one of the best riders on the ranch, her skills had won her several races and she had always been admired for her acrobatics and maneuvers. She rode with haste. Henry screamed and his men fired. Pain and burning did not stop

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