Chapter 15

“Is she all right?” Samuel stood next to Jacqueline, who was sitting in the dining room of the kitchen. Nidia passed her a cup of tea to calm her down, as she was still shaking with shock.

“Yes, thank you. If you hadn't arrived in time…” Tears covered her eyes. Samuel approached her, hesitated a little, but seeing her so vulnerable moved him. Then he dared. Jacqueline's eyes widened as she felt covered by the big man's muscular firm arms. She cried into his chest, his warmth inspired confidence and for the first time it felt good to be protected by a man; maybe it wasn't wrong to let herself be cared for once in a while.

After everyone came out of the commotion, Samuel debated whether to knock or not in front of the wooden door. He wanted to see her but was afraid to intrude. He knocked gently and Anabela's muffled voice invited him in. Next to her was Sam, who decided to step out to give them privacy.

“H—How are you fe

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