Chapter 27

Arthur looked at the barbed wires that marked the boundary he was not to pass. His men examined him expectantly and frightened, trusting in his sound judgment and prudence, however, Arthur made his way through and entered the grounds of his enemies.

“Sir, come out of there, it is dangerous,” muttered one of them, looking around and making sure that only his boss had heard him.

“I must look for her, it is very likely that she is in this place," he said, looking at the earring he had taken from the other side and which he knew belonged to her since he had bought it for her on one of his outings.

“Do you know that they can kill you claiming that you attacked them or wanted to rob them? You are trespassing on their land, if they find out, they will not hesitate to take this opportunity to get rid of you,” warned another one of them.

“I will not abandon her! If she is in this place, she is in danger. If she's not already in

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