Chapter 28

Her breathing was heavy, her heart beat with such agitation that it choked her. Pain and burning mingled and she lost consciousness.


“Julia, I don't understand what you are telling me,” she trembled at what she was hearing.

“Mr. Fraga's farm is being used to sell weapons and toxic substances. You must escape from this place, it is not safe for you,” the lady warned her.

“Since my father died, this is no longer a safe place, Julia.”

“Yes, but things got complicated. They say your father didn't die naturally, Samay. He was murdered and they are framing you. Do you know what they are forcing you to sign and fill in?”

Sam opened her eyes as if waking from a nightmare, her head ached and the dizziness wouldn't let her sit up as she should. She touched her face and her veil was gone.

“Don't worry, only the doctor and I have seen you and he is completely trustworth

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