Chapter 29

Sam looked for food and sat down to eat in the backyard. She reminisced about that day when he took her there. She loved him and it was painful to be separated from him. A week had passed and it was time to be told that at least he was okay, so she decided to visit the gentlemen who were taking care of her.

“Hello, my dear,” Mrs. Goodman greeted her with a smile. “How's your arm today?”

“It's better. I came to give you the list of supplies I'll need.”

“Excellent!” The lady took the paper and sat down across from her. “Would you like some coffee?” Sam nodded and she smiled.

“I'd like to know…” she looked down and played with her fingers. Her cheeks flushed and her nervousness was noticeable. “I've been here for a week and…” her heart pounded with intensity.

“He'll contact you when it's safe to do it,” the lady averted her gaze, but Sam had a

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