Chapter 30

Arthur rode in a daze, the melancholy in his chest and the emptiness of her absence was torturous. To imagine all that she suffered, all that she had to sacrifice.


“So, the lady is dead,” Samuel remained thoughtful and then smiled. "We must not lose hope, there is a person who can help us and soon I will find his whereabouts.”

"Who is it?” Arthur asked in confusion.

“Mrs. Julia's grandson.”

Arthur nodded. Samuel got up from his chair and left.

Arthur was in his room pondering Sam's confession when the door opened.

“Hello, Arthur,” Anabela hugged him fervently. “I've been so worried. Where did you go that you didn't sleep in the house last night?”

“I was working something out,” he pinched his nose.

“And why did you go off by yourself? You know those thugs have you in their sights. Luckily they didn't succeed when you were in jail

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