Chapter 31

“So, Samay is with you,” said the black-haired man, smiling. “That girl is very elusive, I could never find her.”

“Were you looking for her?” Samuel and Sebastian looked at each other with a smile.

“Of course I was looking for her! I wanted her son back.”

“Her son?” Samuel asked dumbfounded. Arthur hadn't told him about it.

“She hadn't told you anything? She got pregnant by her husband. I don't know how she managed to escape, but I found her passed out on the outskirts of the forest surrounding the Fraga estate. She was bleeding and I thought she had lost the baby. A doctor friend treated her in secret, as many people were afraid of White. She woke up upset believing her child had died, but that baby was well attached and more alive than the mother.”

He took a puff on his cigarette and smiled mischievously.

“We moved to another town and she lived with me for the rema

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