Chapter 32

Arthur got off the horse full of excitement. He had dreamed all those days of Sam's face at the sight of her son, and the longing to witness that happiness in her had him nervous and nauseous. He ran to the door with trembling hands and a heaving chest. Jacqueline followed him with the child in her arms, he was very quiet for a child of his age and hardly uttered any words.

Arthur noticed the half-opened door and entered quietly, for he wanted to surprise her. His heart pounded intensely as he saw a broken vase in the middle of the room and some things lying around as if a fight had taken place there. He ran in desperation to the other rooms of the house as he called out to her with cries full of anguish.

“Sam! No, no, no, no, no. Sam, sweetheart, what happened?”

Jacqueline looked at him regretfully, fearing the worst.

“Sam!” he shouted and ran out of the hut in hope. It must be a misunderstanding, surely she would explain to him w

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