Chapter 33

The sweat on their foreheads and the rapid beating of their hearts were evidence of the fear that ran through them. They were in the hands of their enemies and it was obvious that this would be the end of them.

Arthur hurried to the gate with relief, noticing that it was the redhead woman who was there; she was looking at him questioningly; he, in turn, understood that expression and thanked God for that opportunity.

“Tell me, Mr. Connovan, do you believe there is any hope for me? Do you believe that my sinful, wicked soul will find a place where it belongs and can be admired by anyone?”

“I do. It doesn't have to be romantic love, you can find charity wherever you want to cultivate it. And definitely, I believe you can redeem your actions and be a good person, I believe you can dream and make those dreams come true.”

“Will I be happy if I do that?” Her voice came out shrill and tears streamed down her face.

“You will be. You will know the true

Angie Pichardo

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