A beautiful sunset celebrated the union of two souls in love, who met and saved each other.

Dancing, laughter, food, and greetings flooded the cheerful estate.

A couple admired the bride and groom dancing with the restless child, forming a dance of three.

“We should get married, too,” Samuel whispered in the ear of the blonde whom he hugged from behind.

“Everything will depend on you and how productive you make our estate," she said mischievously and he kissed her neck.

Jacqueline had bought the neighboring ranch and settled there. She and Samuel managed it, although Samuel preferred the heavy labor along with the other workers. Like any ranchman with masculine pride, he was saving up to buy the engagement ring, for he wanted it to come out of his own pocket, as the fruit of his hard work. Another wedding was coming up soon, although Jacqueline had another little surprise in store for him, a consequence of his lack of patience is not waiting until

Angie Pichardo

This is the real end. Thank you so much for reading.

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