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Sexy girl is walking down the bustling nightclub. The music is very loud, people are dancing, drinking alcohol, kissing, and even having sex in the corner of the room. He said it was all very enjoyable. It was his habit to come to this place every night. He is currently looking around for someone.

 “Hey Camella!” someone shouted as he waved his hand.

 Feeling called, Camella approached the girl who had called her who was sitting at the bar with her drink.

 “Hey Jane!” Camella greeted the girl and sat down beside her.

 “You look gorgeous bitch,” Jane said looking at Camella with a smirk.

 “Haha you too,” Camella said laughing.

 They took a sip of the alcohol they ordered while looking at the surrounding people.

 “So, so far have you found the sexy man you’re after?” asked Jane, raising her eyebrows.

 “Nothing interesting tonight, you know I just want to sleep with a hot and rich guy,” Camella said laughing.

 They also laughed at Camella’s story.

 “Oh hey look!” said Jane nudged Camella’s arm.

 “What?” Camella asked.

 “You see the man at the table, in the leather jacket,” said Jane.

 Camella followed Jane’s gaze.

 “Oh wow, he’s so fucking hot.” Camella muttered.

 “Hey girl, watch out for your drool,” Jane teased.

 “Jane I have to get him.” Camella said suddenly.

 “Seriously? Oh, of course I don’t doubt you when it comes to flirting with men, but this one is different Camella.” Said Jane.

 “You mean?”

 “He was very hard to get, all kinds of bitches came to him, but he turned them down. And one more thing, he’s very cold.”

 “Oh chill girl, I’ll get it.”

 “I’d rather have her friend over having to tease that cold guy.” Jane said.

 Camella suddenly stood up from her seat.

 “How’s Jane? Is my appearance okay? Should I touch up again?” Camella asked and spun around to show her appearance.

 “You certainly don’t need to doubt bitch, you know you are very beautiful and sexy.” Jane said with a wink.

 Of course, Camella is very beautiful and sexy. Especially with her current appearance using an elegant black mini dress. Many men are after her, but she is very picky. She just wants to sleep with the man she likes.

 “Okay Jane, I’ll go over to the guy. Wish me luck.” Camella said leaving Jane.

 “Yash good luck girl!” said Jane excitedly.

 Camella walked towards the man confidently. He walked like a model, it did not escape the eyes of those around him.


 While on the other hand, a man in a leather jacket was drinking his alcohol.

 “Hey dudes!” said the man beside him surprised himself.

 “You startled me Brian.” The man said sarcastically.

 “Look at that girl! He’s headed this way. I’m sure he will tease you. Oh, God! She’s so sexy! I won’t let you refuse, no I won’t.” Brian chattered excitedly.

 The man just shrugged nonchalantly.

 “Oh please Mr. Alland Chris Allister. She is very beautiful, you can’t always refuse girls who come to you. I don’t want you to be gay, and you’ll like me.” Snort Brian.

 Meanwhile, Alland just looked amused at his friend.

 Without realizing it Camella was already in front of them. Brian immediately greeted Camella.

 “Hey beautiful, what do you need?” said Brian.

 “May I join?” Camella said.

 “Sure,” Brian said and shifted his seat to leave space for Camella to be close to Alland.

 “You must want to tease him,” Brian said pointing his chin at Alland.

 “Yes, of course! I came here to invite your friend to sleep with me.” Camella said matter-of-factly with a seductive smile looking at Alland.

 “Impossible.” Saut Alland without looking at Camella’s face.

 Camella’s eyes widened in shock, but she quickly covered them and acted calm.

 Then he took out a business card that said ‘Camella Oliver’ along with his cell phone number. He approached Alland who was still sitting straight and tucked the business card into the pocket of Alland’s jacket.

 “Who knows you might change your mind, because I really want you.” Camella whispered sensually in Alland’s ear.

 Then he got up and left them. While Alland just shrugged nonchalantly.

 “Oh my goodness! How could you refuse that girl Alland!” said Brian excitedly.

 “I’m not interested.”

 Meanwhile, Alland was a little confused by the girl. How could he suddenly approach her and ask her to sleep together and then just leave and leave her with the girl’s business card. Unlike the usual girl who always clings to Alland and touches his sensitive parts to tease Åland. However, the girl only whispered it, and it was able to make Alland goosebumps.

 “Hello baby,” a woman said, cradling Alland’s shoulder.

 It made Alland let out a rough breath. He really wanted to get rid of this girl in front of him. For years this girl chased him and always bothered him. Alland tried various ways to get away from this girl, but to no avail.

 “Baby Alland am I pretty today?” said the girl still spoiled.


 The girl pursed her lips. Then his hand went down to squeeze Alland’s ‘owned’.

 “Stop it Bella! You’re bothering me!”

 “Don’t you like it baby?”

 “Not. Then my lover will see. Get away from me.” Said Alland original.

 Hearing that Brian and Bella were shocked. Because Alland never had a lover because he was too picky. He only pays the bitches he thinks he deserves to sleep with to satisfy his lust.

 “No, it’s impossible. Baby Alland is only mine!” said Bella leaning her chin on Alland’s shoulder.

 “You don’t believe it?” said Alland looking at Bella sarcastically.

 Then Alland got up and walked towards the bar. Bella still didn’t let go of Alland’s arm that she was clinging to. Curious, Brian followed closely behind.

 Meanwhile, Camella and Jane were back at the bar.

 “How?” asked Jane enthusiastically.

 “Failed.” Camella said, her jaw clenched. Indicates that he is emotional.

 “Oh girl, I told you before didn’t I?” said Jane.

 “No, no one can refuse me Jane.” Camella said.

 Jane frowned and looked at Camella with pity.

 “What? Why are you looking at me with such pitying eyes?” Camella said sarcastically.

 “No, it’s just that I didn’t expect anyone to reject you.”

 “Relax Jane, I won’t give up. Tomorrow I’ll make sure he ends up in bed with me. Because today I can’t stay up late.” Camella said confidently.

 “Tumben, what’s wrong?”

 “Tomorrow is my first day of work,”

 “Wow, you can finally live a more useful life and not waste your father’s money.” Jane said laughing.

 “Fuck you, even though there’s a point.” Camella said with a laugh.

 Having fun talking to Jane, suddenly a strong hand grabbed her arm. This took Jane and Camella by surprise.

 “You?” Camella said surprised.

 The man pulled Camella into his arms.

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