Tring.. Tring...Tring 

 The sound of the alarm filled the room. A space with an elegant and luxurious design, dominated by rose gold color.

 The brown haired girl turned off the alarm. She opened his eyes slowly. She glanced at the clock on the alarm. Then she rolled his eyes.

 “Shit, I could be late!”

 The clock shows 07.40, while she has to work at 08.00. She ran to the bathroom and got ready. Ten minutes later he came out of the bathroom and was fully clothed. She ran down the steps of his spacious house.

 “Morning Camella,” said the man who looked aged.

 “How come you’re so tidy at this hour? There is an event?” said his father.

 “Morning dad, I have to hurry dad. I’ll explain later, see you.” Camella said kissing her father’s cheek.

 She ran and got into the car. She sat nervously and kept asking the driver to increase his speed.

Likewise, she looked at his phone screen, and again he jumped in surprise.

 “Oh my gosh, I forgot my makeup.” Said the girl looking at her reflection on the screen of her cellphone.

She immediately put on a light make-up, to make it look fresh. Just as she finished, the car stopped. She entered the building and was greeted by the receptionist.

 “Morning miss, can I help you?” said the receptionist.

 “Morning, I’m Camella. I’m looking for Dion.” Camella said.

 Camella sat on the sofa in the office lobby. It didn’t take long, Dion approached Camella in the lobby. Dion was the one who offered Camella this job and an old friend of Camella. Dion welcomed him warmly.

 “Hey Camella! You are very beautiful.” Said Dion

 “You know I’m almost late.” Said Camella.

 “Come with me,” said Dion.

 Camella followed Dion from behind, until now she had arrived in front of their superior’s room.

 “You just go in, say you are the one I recruited. And be polite, because the people in this room are a little scary.” Dion said and whispered a little when he said the last sentence.

 Camella chuckled softly. Dion left because there was still a lot of work to take care of, Camella also thanked the man.

 Camella took a deep breath, then knocked on the door.


 “Come in.” Said the man in there.


 Camella seemed familiar with that voice. Oh no, maybe it was just a hallucination. She shook his head and refocused.

 She pushed open the door and entered the room. A masculine scent filled his senses of smell. Again this smell seemed familiar to him. She shook his head again and looked ahead. She looked at the chair behind him.

 “How rude.” Camella thought.

 How could a boss receive guests in such a position. The boss should have a good attitude and can be used as an example, right?

 “Ahem.” Camella cleared her throat.

 The man turned his chair to face Camella. Staring deeply into Camella’s chocolate bead.

 Then he got up from his oversized chair and approached Camella who was sitting looking at him confused. He leaned his butt on the edge of the table with his arms folded across his chest, not forgetting his intense gaze.

 “Y-you?” Camella said, her throat feeling tight now, it looked like she needed some fresh air.

 “Okay listen, I’ll resign without you asking.” Camella said and was about to get up.

 “Sit.” Said the man in a tone that did not want to be denied.

 “Listen, I’m not asking you to resign.” The man continued.

 Camella widened her smile.

 “Don’t be too confident. I kept you because I desperately needed a competent secretary. And I see your educational background is good. That is all.” Said the man.

 “Thank you, Allan.” Camella said looking at Alland with a slightly teasing look. She admits that Alland has extraordinary charm, coupled with wearing his current formal attire. Truly, Alland’s charm was irresistible.

 Alland bent down and brought his face close to Camella suddenly, making the girl’s blood rush. Alland was very, very handsome when he looked at it this close.

 “Hear. You mustn’t look at me like that and call me politely like superiors and subordinates.” Alland whispered and glared at the girl.

 “S-sorry sir,” Camella said.

 “Now, come out.” Allan said.

 Actually Camella grumbled in her heart. If she didn’t have to work, she couldn’t just sit around being humiliated like that.


 Alland had no idea that he would meet Camella again. He was quite surprised when he turned his chair and saw the girl. The girl looked different, her clothes were formal and closed. Not like the Camella he met at the club.

 In fact, he didn’t want to meet the girl, because since their first kiss last night, Alland had wanted the girl’s sweet and soft lips. And that makes him quite frustrated. The girl preoccupied his mind a little. And now he is reunited with Camella.

 He desperately needs a secretary who is more competent than before, because now his company is at its peak. But he was a little confused when Dion recommended Camella Oliver as his secretary. What he knows, Camella Oliver is the sole heir of Alexandrio Oliver, the owner of the Oliver’s Group which was very famous at that time. And now the company that Alland controls, namely the Allister Company, can replace Oliver’s Group and occupy the first position of the most advanced company in the United States. What is the girl looking for? While he himself can continue his father’s company which is quite large.

He shrugged nonchalantly, all that mattered to him right now was his company.


 Now Camella is staring at her laptop screen. Suddenly the Intercom on his desk rang. She pressed the button and brought his ear closer.

 “Go to my room and take the file from earlier as soon as possible.” Allan said.

 Camella snorted in annoyance. Why is this man so bossy?

 Camella walked to Alland’s room which was right next to hers. She knocked on the door and entered as soon as he was allowed to.

 “Here sir,” said Camella.

 Alland received the file and checked it. Camella sat in front of the man and looked at him. Even the man was very handsome when he was serious. His thick, black brows knit together, his eyes fixed on the beam, his jaw looked very firm, and his lips were a natural plum color. Oh, Alland is so hot.

 “Stop looking at me.” Alland said suddenly woke Camella from her daydream. Alland didn’t even look at Camella at all, he only focused on the files, in stark contrast to the girl who always admired him.

 “Good.” Alland’s words made Camella widen her smile.

 Then Alland took out another pile of files and that made Camella’s smile fade in an instant. Why is this man so happy to make him happy and then dropped all at once? Camella wanted to swear in this man’s face.

 “This you are doing, next week should be finished all.” Allan said.

 Camella widened her eyes in shock.

 “Let me explain a little,” said Alland, thrusting the top pile towards Camella.

 Alland explained important things about the files. Camella tried to focus and understand what Alland was explaining.


 The voice interrupted Alland’s conversation. Alland looked at Camella. They were really close now.

 “What sound?” Alland asked raising an eyebrow.

 “Mm it’s just-“

 “Your stomach sound?” said Alland as much as he could control his face, because he really wanted to laugh right now.

 “Y-yes, sorry sir.” Camella said scratching the back of her neck that didn’t itch, her face was red like a tomato.

 “Are you hungry?” Alland asked.

 “I missed my breakfast because I woke up late,” Camella said, smiling awkwardly.

 Seeing Camella’s behavior, which was very different from earlier, made Alland irritated with the girl. Now the girl did not dare to tease him and always act awkward. Moreover, the girl called him sir.

 “Eat.” Alland said handing over the lunch box with the contents of the Sandwhich.

 Camella rolled her eyes. Why was his freezing boss being this kind of attention to him? Unknowingly his face was red again.

 “Then what did you eat?” Camella said. She cursed himself for being nervous in front of Alland. The current Alland was very different, his aura of power was felt. It made Camella shiver every time he looked at her.

 Seeing Camella’s blushing cheeks, Alland was very tempted to stroke and kiss her cheeks. But he did his best to hold it in.

 “I’ll eat you.” Whispered Alland.

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