“I’ll eat you.” Whispered Alland.

 “W-what do you mean, sir?” Camella said, her face very nervous. Alland’s charm continued to overwhelm him. She wanted to seduce him, but now he was her boss.

 “I mean, I’ll eat with you Camella.” Alland said trying to hide his nervousness. He cursed himself for saying that too quickly.

 Camella blinked at Alland’s answer. In fact, earlier she was very happy to know that Alland wanted him too, but then the man dropped him again. Annoying.

 “Why are you looking at me like that?” said Alland looking at Camella with furrowed brows.

 “You don’t mean anything else, sir?” Camella whispered sensually in Alland’s ear, creating a very close distance between him and Alland.

 “Whatt? Can’t you see there are two sandwiches in there? Then you want to eat them yourself?” said Alland, turning his head away.

 “Ah yeah, but I think I’ll just eat out sir. Thanks for the kindness you offer.” Camella said getting up.

 “I don’t accept rejection.” Alland said stopping Camella.

 “Sit down Ms. Oliver.” Said Alland in a low voice.

 Camella sat back down in front of Alland. His plan had failed to leave Alland, he couldn’t stay in the same room with Alland without doing ‘nothing’. She was so excited to see him, she wanted Alland even more. The air around him felt hot to him.

 “Why did you hold me sir?”

 “You know lunchtime is still long, I don’t want you to get sick.” Said Alland.

 Camella widened her smile, her cheeks turning red again now.

 “Why are you smiling?”

 “You care about me so much sir,” Camella said looking at Alland with sparkling eyes.

 “I just don’t want to have sick employees. And I don’t want you to get sick because you still have a lot to do.” Said Alland indifferently.

 Again Camella felt lifted high and dropped again. Alland really pissed him off. Luckily the man was handsome and sexy.

 Alland opened the lunchbox and devoured the sandwiches inside. Camella looked at Alland, even though he was eating he looked so hot.

 “Why are you looking at me? Eat.” Said Alland.

 Camella immediately took the other sandwhich and hastily finished it. He wanted to get out of this damned room.

 “I just found out, people like you still bring lunch from home.” Camella said while chewing her food.

 “It’s made by my mother, and I can’t resist it.”

 Camella just rejoiced while nodding. It didn’t take long for Alland to finish his sandwhich. Without Camella knowing, Alland stared at the girl. Camella was so adorable when she was eating, her puffy cheeks and her expression when enjoying the food, Alland enjoyed the sight.

 Camella devoured the last of her sandwhich and licked the remaining mayonnaise on her curly fingers. Seeing that, Alland felt his bottom tighten. He continued to stare at Camella intensely.

 “Sir?” call Camella.


 “I’m going back to the-“

 “Wait, your lips.” Alland cut in while hinting that there was some mayonnaise left on Camella’s lips. Camella licked her lips confused for not finding it.

 “Come here,” said Alland.

 Camella brought her face closer, Alland did the same.

 “I’ll clean it up.” Alland said looking at Camella. They were so close, Camella’s heart skipped a beat.

 Without hearing another answer from Camella, Alland kissed the girl’s lips. Camella was surprised and slowly returned the crush. Their kiss became very hot, like last night. Their tongues intertwined, the kiss deepened. Soon they broke the kiss and took a deep breath. Even Alland didn’t give Camella a chance to breathe, so the girl was out of breath, her chest rising and falling with her breathing.

 “That’s how I clean it, Camella.” Alland whispered in Camella’s ear.

 After that the atmosphere became quiet and awkward. Camella decided to leave Alland’s room immediately. She cleared his throat to awaken Alland.

 “Well sir, I’ll be back in my room. Thanks for the food.” Camella said leaving.

 “Sure, you should get back to work.” Alland said nonchalantly without looking at the girl.

 What the heck, after kissing Camella without permission, then now being cold again as usual. Did he not realize what had just happened?

 Camella walked away from Alland’s room. Alland looked at the girl’s back. She didn’t understand why he did that, even though he had previously rejected the girl openly.

 Camella was already in her room. She sat in his soft chair and leaned back. Taking a deep breath, she felt tight when she was in Alland’s room.

 She was very confused by Alland’s attitude. Even though she was the one who intended to tease Alland, why was she the one who couldn’t move in front of Alland?

 “I have to make him fall in love.” Camella muttered.

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