It was getting late, Camella was waiting for the driver. Not long after, the driver arrived.

 Camella entered her Mansion, the maids bowed respectfully to greet her. She joined his father at dinner.

 “Daddy I’m home,” Camella said, kissing her father’s cheek who was eating from behind.

 “Oh honey, let’s eat. This is your favorite food, daddy made it you know.” Said his father.

 “Wow steak, thank you daddy.” Camella said as she pulled up her chair.

 “Now, explain to daddy how much you left so early this morning?”

 “Ah yes, I’ve been working dad.” Camella said.

 “Whoa? Daddy doesn’t force you to work honey. Daddy just asked you to finish your education well, and now that you’ve done that, that’s enough for daddy. Are your needs not being met, honey?” asked his father with a worried expression. Because he always spoiled Camella, he didn’t want to see Camella suffer or feel less.

 “No daddy, that’s more than enough. It’s just that I’m an adult, daddy, I don’t want to spend my time in vain, besides with me working, I don’t need to ask daddy for money anymore,” Camella said, smiling.

 “Oh no honey, your still daddy’s little daughter. Mommy will be angry if she finds out daddy let his little daughter be exhausted like this.” Said his father.

 Yes, Camella’s mother has died in an accident since Camella was 17 years old. From then on Camella began to set foot in the wrong places, and of course without her father’s knowledge. She was devastated, could not accept that she was abandoned by his mother so soon.

 “No daddy, I really enjoy this job. I'm a happy daddy,” Camella said stroking her father’s hand reassuringly.

 “Okay honey, I won’t force you. But you have to promise, if you’re tired you have to stop right then and there.” Said his father.

 “Yes daddy I promise.”

 His father smiled at the face of his daughter who was now growing up. If his wife was here, maybe she would be happy to see his daughter grow. He missed his wife.

 “Ah yes daddy forgot, where do you work?”

 “At Allister Company dad,”

 “Wow, that’s a big company honey!” said his father surprised.

 “Yeah dad, and you know what? I was placed as the CEO’s secretary!” Camella said.

 “Great daddy’s daughter,” said her father gently stroking Camella’s hair.

 “Yes daddy, and you don’t have to give me any more money.” Camella said with a contrived angry expression. His father chuckled at his daughter.

 “Yeah-yeah honey, I know you don’t need me anymore, even your salary is enough to support yourself, right?” said his father in a tone of mock sadness. Camella laughed at her father’s behavior, his father never changed to him.

 “Yes daddy, even I can be richer than daddy. After I’ve worked five years, maybe.” Camella said jokingly.

 “After that you will forget daddy?” said his father with a pitiful face.

 “Of course not daddy, I love daddy.”

 “I love you too my little girl,”

 They finished their dinner by talking and laughing jokingly.

 Camella entered her room after finishing her dinner. She decided to take a warm bath. She entered the bath up and sat hugging his legs. His heart touched when she saw his father’s always cheerful expression in front of him. She knew his father was in trouble after overhearing the conversation last week.

 At that time Thomas Alexandrio, Camella’s father, was in his room. He’s calling someone.

 “How can? Why did our turnover drop drastically like this? It’s been a year that our company’s condition has been like this and nothing has changed.” Tom said.

 “At this rate, we will soon be bankrupt.” He continued. Thomas hung up the call. He ruffled his hair in frustration.

 “At this rate, my daughter will have a hard life. I will not let this happen!” Tom muttered.

 Camella overheard that as she passed her father’s room which wasn’t completely closed. She heard his father’s words. She had never seen his father so frustrated.

 Since then Camella decided to look for a job with a high salary. That way she doesn’t have to bother his father anymore and his father will focus on his company again, or maybe Camella can help his father’s company one day.

 Her father didn’t tell Camella about the problem, he didn’t want his daughter to be worried. He always wants the best for his daughter, that is the message from Camella’s mother. He couldn’t see Camella sad. In fact, Thomas was a very good father. Camella was very grateful to have a father like Thomas, even though she was left by her mother, she did not lack love at all.

Camella had come out of her bathroom, suddenly her cell phone rang.


 “Camella, are you here tonight?” said Jane a little screaming on the other side. The atmosphere sounded very noisy, of course Jane was in a club.

 “Not tonight Jane, my dad’s at home.” Camella said.

 “Okay girls! I want to enjoy my night, bye,” said Jane.

 Camella really wanted to go, but her father was at home. Usually when his father was at home, she would go out at night in secret, but this time he didn’t do that. She had to replenish his energy for tomorrow, let alone to face Alland.


 Alland was in his king-size bed. He is reading a novel, today he is not interested in going to any club. He chose to spend time with his favorite novels. Although the man is cold and workaholic, he loves to read. That’s the reason he’s so smart. Handsome, sexy, smart, and successful at a young age. Who doesn’t want that man?

 Suddenly his mind was filled with the girl. The incident where he kissed the girl’s sweet lips. The more Alland tried to ignore her, the more he wanted her. I don’t know where the vibration came from, he suddenly wanted the girl. Alland shook his head, snapping himself out of his thoughts.

 “Maybe just a moment,” Alland muttered.

 Yes, basically Alland never really loved a woman. Alland only wanted their bodies, and that wasn’t just any woman he wanted. And he was very sure, his feelings for Camella were the same.

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