“I can’t stand it anymore.” Alland muttered, his gaze fixed on Camella.


 Warning 18+

 Alland approached Camella with a tense body, especially her hardened bottom.

 In the dim room, Camella’s silhouette looked very beautiful to Alland. Alland hugged Camella’s slender waist from behind. Feeling someone hug her, Camella jumped in surprise. He couldn’t see who was hugging him, but he recognized the man’s scent.

 “S-sir? What’s wrong?” Camella stammered.

 “No.” Alland said still maintaining his position.

 Then in an instant Alland lifted Camella’s body bridal style. Camella was again startled and suddenly wrapped her arms around Alland’s neck.

 “Oh my god sir, what are you doing?!” Ca

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