They had arrived, Camella went straight into her room without saying anything to Alland. She was angry with Alland, the man had toyed with him.

 Alland just looked at the girl with a confused expression. She continued to have a sullen expression, pursed his lips, which made Alland even more excited and wanted to kiss him. Unknowingly a smile formed on the man's lips.

 Alland entered his room and took off his top. He felt his own had hardened ever since. He wanted to hear the sighs and moans coming out of the girl's sweet lips again, he liked to see her passionate eyes when he looked at Alland, he wanted to touch her soft skin again, ah no no. Alland shook his head to keep the dirty thoughts away.

 Alland decided to have dinner, he went down the stairs.

 "Has the girl eaten yet?" Alland asked one of the servants.

 "Not yet, sir."

 "Please call him," said Alland.

 The maid immediately went upstairs and

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