Right now Camella was laughing heartily in front of Alland. Camella clutched her stomach which hurt from laughing too long

"How long are you going to laugh at me, huh?" Alland was irritated to see that the girl continued to laugh.

"Fine I'll stop," Camella said holding back a laugh.

Flashback on.

"Who is that boy?"

"Man?" Camella frowned.

"The one you spoke to on the phone in Scotland."

Camella was getting more and more confused by her boss's question, she didn't recall calling any man.

Oh yeah! She just remembered.

While in Scotland she only called her father, and even then not in front of her superiors. Was Alland eavesdropping?

"You eavesdropped on my conversation?" Camella inquired. Alland looked nervous.

"Not on purpose. I wanted to ask you to do something at that time, and you were cool on the phone." Alland's alibi, when in fact he was eavesdropping on purpose.

Then after saying that, Camella burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing?"
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