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"I still haven't come out, let's do it again naughty girl." Alland whispered in Camella's ear, he gave Camella goosebumps.


Camella felt her cheeks heat up, she smiled awkwardly while Alland stared at her hungry. He felt his whole body go limp just because of the man's gaze.

"B-but we still have a lot of work to do, sir." Camella said nervously.

"Leave it alone, Camella."

"Ah yes! W-we have a meeting in five minutes sir." Camella reasoned, she wanted to get away from the man quickly because she really couldn't stand being stared at by Alland like that.

"Don't fool me, you told me yourself, today's meeting starts in two hours." Alland said with a smirk.

While Camella cursed herself for her stupidity, now she could only surrender in front of the man in front of her.

A few seconds later Alland lifted Camella's body, causing the girl to widen her eyes. Alland positioned Camella with his back to him
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