"Thankyou sir for escorting me. Would you like to come in?" Camella said. Now they were in front of the Camella Mansion.

"Next time." said Alland. Camella nodded.

Alland drove his car after dropping Camella off.

Thirty minutes later, Alland had entered the spacious grounds of his Mansion

Alland entered his Mansion and was greeted by the servants.

"Evening sir, the madam is waiting in the dining room." said the chief of the servants.

"Thank you Dalim."

Alland entered the dining room, his mother was seen talking to a blonde-haired girl who was familiar to him.

"Am I bothering you?" said Alland approaching them.

"Yes you are very annoying." said the woman who looked old. This was greeted with laughter by Alland and the blonde-haired girl.

"Alena! We haven't seen each other in a long time, haven't we?" Alland said to the girl named Alena.

"Yeah, you're getting really tall now!" said the girl enthusiastically.

"And you never gro
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