Alland and Camella have finished the meeting with the client from Japan. Now they are in the elevator going to their respective rooms. An awkward atmosphere enveloped them, as usual, Alland was very cold and Camella was a little lazy to talk to her boss.

"Your suit sir, thank you." Camella took off the coat covering her front body and handed it to Alland. Alland took it and slung it in his hand.

"Did you dress like that on purpose?" Alland said coldly, not looking at Camella in the slightest, his eyes were still focused on the front.

Camella turned to Alland and furrowed her brows in confusion. What did his superiors mean? After all, he freed his employees to dress, after all, it was Camella's habit to wear it and didn't receive any comments until now.

"Excuse me, sir?"

"You deliberately invite the attention of the crocodiles?"

"Crocodile? Who?"

"Meeting room."

"I-I didn't aim at all like that sir, and I was just wearing my usual clothes, then
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