Alland's corporate anniversary event is now at its conclusion.

"Alland, do you take Alena with you?" said Mom Diana.

"I have urgent work mom."

Alena's face looks slightly sullen because of the man's answer.

"Just a moment, otherwise mom I-"

"Okay." before continuing his threat, his mother's words had been cut off by Alland.

"Wait in room 702. I'll be back." Alland whispered to Camella, then he got up and left the girl. Alena followed Alland from behind. Likewise, with Alland's mother, he came home after saying goodbye to Camella.

While Camella was left alone, it was pathetic. She decided to go to room 702 that the man had ordered.

Camella opened the door with the words 702, she entered the unlocked room.

There is a room that looks elegant with a soothing color combination. Camella smiled and lay down on the bed to rest, before that she gave the news to her father first.

Camella woke up and looked at the clock on her cell phone. It's
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