"Get some rest, this is just the beginning." whispered the man. Meanwhile, Camella rolled her eyes.


Fifteen minutes passed, Camella still closed her eyes enjoying the masculine scent of the man's body. For some reason, Camella felt comfortable when hugging Alland like now.

"Round two, naughty girl." said Alland suddenly in his hoarse voice.

"No, I'm tired sir."

"C'mon." Alland climbed Camella's body with his hands to support her weight.

Alland again licked her lips wildly and roughly, sucking, biting, and brushing them with his tongue. Alland didn't give the girl a chance to breathe.

Camella panted, while Alland caressed the girl's neck, leaving a few kiss marks there. Camella just sighed helplessly under Alland.

Alland kissed Camella's face again, his right hand already leading hers down there.

"Sshh," Camella hissed as Alland entered it again.

Alland licked her lips while he was already pumping Camella down

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