"Grandma, it is Catherine."

"Yes, what is wrong with her?" Eunice was starting to worry with the way Adam wasn't saying anything. "Tell me please what is going on?" 

"I.." He stutters, not sure where to start from. 

Just then, Eunice noticed the presence of a third person.

"And who is she?" 

Eunice knows her face looked familiar but can't remember where she saw her.

"H.. her name is Kendal and the reason behind all this mess."

"What do you mean boy? Who is Kendal?"

Walking close to her, Kendal stretched her hand towards Adam's grandma and introduced herself since he was hesitating.

"The mother of Adam's unborn child."

"What?" Eunice gasped in shock, almost choking as she coughed seriously.

"Grandma are you okay?" Adam r

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