Getting on her feet, Kendal helped herself up before throwing the cookies in her hand in anger. She stared at the closed door and her blood boiled within her as Kendal thought of the things they could possibly be doing at the moment, she wanted to go crazy.

Looking at the empty cup of smoothie Adam and Catherine just finished consuming she swiped everything down to the floor, shattering it. She screamed as she went to the kitchen to break some more things but stopped the moment she heard Naomi's voice.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Freezing in place, Kendal turned slowly to face Naomi who was standing fuming in anger as she saw the mess Kendal had made.

"What's all this? Can you tell me why broken glass and plates are scattered all over my house?"

Walking out of the kitchen, Kendal tried to make her way back to her room but got stopped by Naomi as she grabbed her arm and put her back in place.

"Listen to me yo

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