Getting to the dinning hall, my family were already seated having breakfast. 

"Welcome sweety, you look stunning" 

 "Thank you Dad, Good morning" 

  I smile at him, giving my mom and dad a tender kiss on their cheek before taking my seat.

 "Morning. My baby is now a grown woman." 

"Aww, tank you Mom. I love you" 

 "Love you too. Hope you slept well?" 

 My mom asked, concern evident on her beautiful face. She always worries too much, even when there is no cause for alarm. I don't know why she does that.

"Yes I did, you don't have to look so worried mom" 

 "Can we eat now I am starving" 

  Everyone laughed at Patricia's impatience. She must have been fed up with all the sweet talk. And I think she is still upset Michael didn't make it last night.

"Yes honey we can." My dad said, still chuckling.

 Noticing Henry's seat is empty I asked after him; "What of Henry, where is he?"  

 "He left very early this morning to his penthouse, saying he has something urgent to take care of."

 My younger sister Amanda responded with a mouthful of sandwich. 

 "But he will be present on my upcoming engagement taking place soon" Patty added

 "Oh, of course." I responded, smiling at Patty. Feel like asking about Michael bit decided it is not the best time or place.o Looking at the time, I exclaimed, wondering how time flies so fast

 "Oh my it's past seven already, I'm running late. Need to be on my way guys" 

 Gulping my hot chocolate quickly, which is already warm, I took an apple from the fruit basket on the table. Putting it in my bag, I left quickly heading to the door.

"Okay dear, drive safely" 

"Sure dad, thanks" 

  Today I will be riding my white Mercedes Benz CLS class my dad got for me as a present after my masters degree. Entering my ride, I turned on the ignition and drove off.


  The traffic was quite intense, feeling irritated as I arrived, I packed at the first free parking space I saw. I am very late, this is a terrible way to start my first day. What would they think of me now? Arhh!

   Frustrated, I tapped my forehead lightly, thinking of what to do. I need to think of a good excuse that will sound so believable and get me on their good side. 


  I don't know who keeps knocking, disturbing my sleep, the knock never seems to end. Frustrated I yelled

"Who is it?!" .

"It's me, master, I'm sorry for disturbing you. I was..."

"And who are you?!" 

"I am.. am.. sorry. It's James the butler. You have a call from the office.." 

"Oh shit!!"

 Immediately I heard the word office, I woke up. I am supposed to be ready and left for work instead, I am still in bed whining like a child.

 "Young master.." James called

  Oh I completely forgot he was still standing outside. "Come in" heading to the bathroom, I need to freshen up quickly. No one will sanction for coming late since it is my company, but I prefer to lead by example.

 "I came to check if you would be needing anything?" 

 "Yes. Please get my gray suit ready and have the cook make my favorite meal for dinner before 7pm"

"Are you having guests over?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because everytime you want dinner ready on time you always have guests over"

   laughing can't believe he said that. Well he is right, I noticed I buthabe been eating late lately so, I decided to change my eating habits.

"No James I just want it ready on time"

"Okay. Would you like anything else?"

"That will be all for now"  As I look at his face  I felt bad for transferring my aggression on him. I respect him so much, need to apologise. 


"Yes, young master?"

"I am sorry for speaking to you so rudely earlier. Thank you" 

"It is alright son" he said tenderly, as he got my suit ready.

 He has been the only one who stood by me when I was at my lowest. A true friend indeed who genuinely cares about me. Ever since my father died in a plane crash leaving just me and my lonely mother, he has been a father figure to me. 

  Within 10 minutes I was clean, fully dressed in my gray suit and a white shirt. I complimented my look with a black monk strap shoe and a gold wrist watch. It is past 8am, I'm already late. All this is happening because of my friends, I drank too much last night. One of my best friends is getting married and I was forced to drink until I was drunk in the name of celebration. 

"Won't you eat before you leave for work?" James asked as he saw me leaving . He followed behind me as I head towards the main door

"No, as you can see I am already late. Will ask my new personnal assistant get me something once I get to the office" I assured him so he won't worry too much.

"Okay" feeling satisfied with my answer.

   With a nod I opened the door and left, heading straight to my car garage. I own lots of luxurious cars, I've lost count. Today I will be riding my red Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. 

    Entering my car, I drive off. Irrespective of the fact I am late, I still prefer driving at a moderate speed. Not because I am the boss but because I value life. I need to be alive and enjoy the money I have worked hard to earn. Can't die before I am old and gray, hell no. 

 Turning on the radio I nod my head, enjoying the music being played. Thankfully it is my favorite song playing.

** On you by Johnny Drill**ūüé∂ūüé∂

  I got to work on time without any stress, there was no traffic, wow very surprising, it is quite strange. About to park my car in the space reserved for just me, I noticed a car pulled up right there and parked. 

"what the fuck!" 

My anger blazed. Turning off the engine I stepped out slowly and well composed to my surprise since I was boiling in anger. I went straight to the Mercedes Benz that was parked to see who the person was with a death wish.


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