Unfortunately for me I couldn't come up with anything as a result of the continuous knock on the glass window that never seems to end. With the side of my left eye I could see that the intruder is a man wearing something that looks like a gray suit. He must be one of those good for nothing looking for naive women to mess around with. Sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, this fine wine has no time for cheap men like you. Out of frustration I wined my glass down, enough for the intruder to hear me clearly            

    "Hello, excuse me? I am not interested in you so please take your sweet talk somewhere else" 

   Feeling happy that I finally got the alone time I need to think because time seems not to be on my side, something I have noticed lately. Hmm, why?  I wondered, as I raised my shoulders in defeat, giving up on the thought.

      "Urhm, what? 

The intruder seemed to ask as I noticed he hadn't left yet. Slowly I shaked my head as realization dawned on me that his ego must have been bruised badly that is why he is still here.

       "Well mister..." 

   I said proudly as I finally turned towards him to get a clearer picture of the intruder who sucks at Losing. But stopped, words failed me and I was unable to complete my sentence as my eyes set on the most handsome man I've ever seen.

  Wow, this intrude turned out to be dangerously handsome, his forest green eyes did justice to his neatly trimmed blonde short hair. He has a long face, with a perfect masculine jaw that complimented his pointed nose, perfect pink lips, and nicely tanned skin. He was the definition of beauty. His beauty is almost unimaginable. My mouth was wide open as incoherent words seemed to come out.

"Ah,.. oh, uhm.. yeah I am talking to you" 

Finally I  said, trying to get my composure. My legs are so weak, I'm happy I'm still sitting because I can't feel my legs anymore. My heart is beating so fast I can hear it clearly. What is happening to me? How can this intruder affect me so much, this is not possible.Disappointed I said silently to myself 

  Cathy, pull yourself together. He is just one of those useless men who thinks he can get into my pants because of his sinfully good looks. What a Cheap tactic. Shaking my head disappointedly I stepped out and stood facing him as I strain my neck looking into his eyes. 

  Oh my God he is so tall, something like 6ft 5inh. Even with my heels I couldn't reach his neck, not to mention his head. Right now, I wish I were taller. Putting that thought behind me, I focused on the reason I stepped out of my car which was to set this sinfully handsome intruder straight. Without thinking I blurted out with a straight face


     "Listen to me young man, I know your type. You're nothing but a cheap and disgusting jerk. Who thinks he can have his way with every girl because of his looks and little cash he has? Well sorry to burst your bubble, YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE!" 

    But instead of leaving me alone, he stood there looking lost, asking the most dumbest question; "Wait what? Me, are you talking to me?"  He laughed, but the laugh didn't reach his eyes.

He let out a deep laugh that didn't quite reach his eyesFeeling irritated, because the laugh isn't the reaction I  was hoping to get. Annoyed, I responded, provocatively poking his chest with my finger hoping to annoy him. Since everything I say or do doesn't seem to bother him.

     "Yes you playboy, I am talking to you. Get your sorry ass self away from my face"  

  After talking to him I tried to walk past him but couldn't. A strong hand pulled me back to my former position. Till I was looking him straight in the eyes. I can see anger in his eyes now, he looks at me with contempt. Finally, I made him angry. 

 "Who the hell do you think you are to walk away while I'm still talking?"   

  The coldness in his voice made me shiver in fear at his words. The hairs on my body stood at the bloody look in his eyes, nothing I have ever seen. Oh no, I have made a mistake, I shouldn't have provoked him now I have awakened the beast. Stuttering. I tried to speak but couldn't, trembling in fear

"You care to explain to me why you parked your car on my spot even after seeing the boldly written sign 'do not park?'"

      "What, I didn't see.."  he cut me off without giving me a chance to speak. 

     "Of course, you're blind just as you're stupid to think I Adam will try to hit on YOU." He said, mockingly, stressing the word You mockingly. All the while maintaining his calmness which I find quite intimidating. Again I tried to speak but he cuts me off


"I am not your type?" He asked what seemed like a cynical question. 

Scornfully he continued laughing wickedly, crossing his hands on his chest and looking at me like I was worth nothing.

"Don't flatter yourself darling and listen to me, I can never hit on You because I don't settle for less not to mention insignificant, worthless thing like you" 

  Speechless, his words hit me hard.  I  fight the urge not to cry, I will rather die than give him the satisfaction of letting him see how much his words hurt me. 

    "Kindly re-park, I need to park my car" 

   He said coldly, turning his head straight to his car. With the little pride left in me I entered my car, turned on the ignition and re-parked somewhere else. All the while blaming myself. I can't believe I didn't see the sign boldly written in front of me. Worse yet, I jumped to the conclusion that he was trying to hit on me without first listening to him. 

  What a waste of time, now I'm very late. I am sure my boss, whoever he may be, will fire me immediately. He must be disappointed in me, even I am disappointed in myself. A single tear fell down my face and quickly wiped it off with the back of my hand. What a perfect way to end the day.

  Getting out of my car, I head to the entrance building with a straight face. Greeting the security men I head towards the secretary asking for directions to my office. Thanking her I entered the elevator and pressed the first button that leads to the CEO floor where my office is located, as instructed by her.


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