The  day went by smoothly, the only difficulty was the aspect of getting Adam breakfast. I forgot to ask him what he would like for breakfast, especially after all the drama we had to face this morning, so I just used my initiative and got him a sandwich. You can never go wrong with a sandwich. But, that isn't the part that stressed me out. It was the part of locating the cafeteria.

  At first, I tried finding it myself thinking it was an easy thing, but no that is not what happened. The structure of this build is not only beautiful but complex, the architect who drew the plan needs to be given accolades. Like damn, this person is too good.   

    After walking aimlessly for about ten minutes without finding the cafeteria, a male staff member was kind enough to help me. He showed me a map of the company that has the direction of every floor, and where to find offices and other departments. 

   The mark was too complex to memorize in a day so I took a picture of it with my mobile phone. This building is not only beautiful but also complex, all thanks to the architect or whoever came up with this plan. 

"Nice move! Engineer" I applauded mentally. Thanks for making things so difficult. The annoying part of it all was when I realized the cafeteria had been right in front of me the whole time after I went through the map.

   Unaware I kept walking round, head up high, snobbing everyone thinking it was an easy thing to find only to end up getting lost. Unbelievable, Like who ever gets lost locating a cafeteria, who? I did. I feel so ashamed just thinking of it.

  Apart from the whole cafeteria stuff, every other thing went well. Just as Adam said, Sandra came to my aid and put me through. Her help was very beneficial. She found me at the cafeteria trying to get something for Adam, then assisted in talking to the chef at the cafeteria to prepare Adam's special sandwich, although at one point I found her endless instructions boring after we left the cafeteria. 

   Almost drifting in my thoughts but thankfully she finished on time, what a relief. Now rather than leaving through the way she came she went to Adam's office, ugh, why do I feel so irritated?  I can't describe this feeling as anger or jealousy. 

  Looking at Adam's door, I wonder what she must be doing inside. I'm his Personal Assistant not her, and even if she wants to say something to him she can go through me . That's why I am here after all.


 30 minutes has gone by, but Catherine is still in his office. Feeling restless, I pray she gets out soon, this curiosity is starting to eat me up.

  I even tried eavesdropping on Adam's door hoping to hear sounds of people making out, but nothing. Was even tempted to open the door without knocking but talked myself out of it. Finally the door opened and Sandra came out.

"Thank goodness" I said a little too loud for my liking. Oops, I hope she didn't hear me.

   As she came towards me, I looked at her studying her from head to toe trying to see any hint, but found nothing. It seems I was worried for nothing, so happy I let out a sigh of relief. Never knew I was holding my breath all this while.

"Is everything okay?" Sandra asked, looking at me with concern. I am not surprised my sudden change of behavior must have come up as awkward to her. 

"Yes, sure" I said grinning at her

"Okay" she said more like a question, looking at me awkwardly  she left my desk and entered the lift.

  Time flew so fast before I knew it, it was almost 6pm when I checked the time. Adam should be out any moment from now, that will mean closing for the day for me. Just as I predicted, Adam came out looking so handsome, my heart started beating fast.

 "Can this man ever be caught unfresh?" I wondered, unaware I was staring

"Like what you see?" Adam asked with a smirk on his face, winking at me as he walked past me to his private lift.

"Huh, what kind of boss do I have?" I wondered. I don't know what next would come out of his mouth. Embarrassed, I looked away shyly. Turning red on my cheek.

 "Does he just think that every woman in this building has some sort of crush or urge to have him?" I said to myself as I watched him enter his private lift, looking away immediately before he could see as the door closed. 

  I can't sit here all day, taking my bag from the table. I stood and left, exiting the building, I greeted everyone I came in contact with, I  headed to my car. 

"Why am I suddenly being so friendly?" I wondered. Don't even want these people to know I work here. Is this probably the effect of my crazily handsome boss? 

 "Hello miss"  Someone called, 


  Didn't know I was the one I kept walking, but the person caught up with me before I could enter my car. Turning to look at the person,  I saw it was the man who gave me directions to the cafeteria.

"How long has he been running and calling out to me? '' I wondered. He is panting seriously, with his hands on his laps.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, hoping nothing was wrong considering the state he is in.

Finally able to catch his breath he responded "Yes, I am. Sorry for bothering you" 

"No it is fine" I said, closing the door of my car to give him my undivided attention

"You see, I was unable to get your name earlier. You were too focused on getting the meal, I didn't want to bother you"

  I laughed as I remembered the event. It was embarrassing, I was not only focused but stressed. Didn't know finding a cafeteria would be so difficult.

"Oh it is fine. I should be thanking you instead, I wasn't able to thank you properly earlier. Thank you." I said giving him a genuine smile

"Nah, it is a pleasure to be of help to a beautiful woman like you, damn you are very beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off you when I saw you earlier" he said shyly. 

  Okay, now I am confused. "Where is this conversation leading to?" I Wonder. 

" My name is Victor, the head of the resource department. Please may I know you?" He asked, giving me his boyish smile.

"Okay, awkward," I  said to myself before responding to him

"My name is Catherine Shawn, personal assistant to the CEO" 

"It is a pleasure meeting you Catherine,.. I would love to get to know you better, maybe we can chat over lunch this weekend. What do you say?"


"Is there a problem, Victor?" Adam asked, as he came close standing beside me facing Victor. 

   Surprised to hear Adam voice I look towards the direction the voice came from just to be sure it is him. Quickly, my surprise turned to happiness. I was praying for a miracle and Adam came, so happy he is here. I find this conversation with Victor rather awkward, I hope he doesn't trouble me throughout my days here.

    I pray he forgets my face after he leaves from here. I wasn't even planning on giving him my contact, and was about to say no before Adam's intervention. I am glad he intervened because he saved me from humiliating Victor. Wanted to turn him down. I know he helped me earlier, but that is as far as we can go. If he needs my help I will always be there to help but not date him.

"Eww." I said to myself. Not like he is bad looking, or anything. He is actually cute, he has this boyish cute face and seems like a nice guy but, I am just not interested. Period.


"Huh, uhm  I,..I was.." Victor started but couldn't finish his sentence. He started stammering. I guess I am not the only one surprised by Adam's presence.

"If you are done for the day you need to head home" Adam said looking at Victor with a straight face.

   I tried to read his facial expression but couldn't, he wasn't letting any emotion show. His face is as cold as Stone. Quickly, Victor hurried away leaving me and Adam.

"You are still here, I thought you had gone home already? Anyway I am happy you are here, you saved me" I said once we were alone. 

"I was about to leave, then I noticed you needed saving." He said smiling

Surprised, I asked  "Wow, how did you know?"  "Was my behavior that noticeable?" I wondered.

"Anyway you came on time" I said looking at him

"I understood your body language." Chuckling he said. 

  "My body language? I'm very sure I didn't make it obvious that I was uncomfortable so how could he understand my body language?" I thought to myself. His laugh is so enchanting, without knowing I followed suit chuckling.

"Thank you" 

"For what" he asked

"For coming to my rescue. I was about to turn him down but a little hesitant because you know, he was the guy who helped me when I needed directions" I said

"Oh I see, okay. Well you can head home now so that you can get home on time before the road gets blocked."

  Laughing, I nod my head in agreement. Yeah he is right, at this time there is always lots of traffic. Not wanting to waste more time, I entered my car saying goodnight before driving off.

"Goodnight, see you tomorrow then"  he responded, giving a friendly wink

   The thought of Adam makes my heart beat fast but now, when I think of him I smile and blush like a fool. Like now, I am just smiling. As I remember the way he came to my rescue. My judgement of him was wrong, he is a nice person and I think he is also sweet. Smiling, I turned on the MP3 player I recently installed in my car, this will make the traffic bearable.

       By exactly half past eight I got home. The traffic was on another level this evening, luckily for me my house isn't too far. My heart reaches out to those who are going far, goodness knows even they will get home today.

    So drained, the whole traffic thing has taken the little energy left in me, this is one of the reasons I hate driving. Entering my house, the butler greeted me. His warm welcome uplifted my mood a bit.  

"Please, where is everyone?" I asked, noticing the house is unusually quiet.

"They are all inside. Your mother should be in her room, but your dad is in his study.

"Oh, Okay thanks. Please have Miranda bring my dinner, will be in my room" I said heading upstairs to my room. I need to freshen up and change into something comfortable for the night.



  Sitting in my car waiting, I  wonder what is keeping Catherine in the office. She is taking too long to come out, it's not like she is using the stairs or something. 

"Or wait, could she be using the stairs instead of the lift? '' I wonder, shaking my head. From the few hours I have spent with her,I can tell she is capable of anything. 

Because if she used the lift she should be out by now. I just need to see her one last time before I head home. Frustrated, I relaxed on my seat.

   Finally with much delay she came out, looking so beautiful. I can tell she is tired and all, but she still looks beautiful. She was walking towards her car absent minded, not even noticing the man running and calling after her. 

"I think she dropped something on the floor by mistake and he is trying to give it to her." I thought to myself

   He is running like he hasn't eaten, even a snail can do better. Finally he caught up to Catherine before she entered her car. I expected him to hand her something and leave but instead, he stood there chatting with her saying things that made them laugh. But he laughed the most, what's so funny?


"What could they be talking about, making her laugh like a schoolgirl in love?" I wondered. 

My blood boiling seeing her with another man talking so close. Filled with anger I came out of my car and headed straight to them. I need to know what he is telling Catherine, making her happy and giggling. 

  When I got close, I heard something like lunch this weekend. What! Never. What baffled me the most was the fact she was speechless, I think she has  fallen for him it is so obvious from her behavior. Disappointed at her taste, she can do better than this, just look at him.   

   Quickly I interrupted their conversation, not giving Catherine a chance to accept his invitation. Then I gave Victor a deadly stare when Catherine wasn't looking at me, immediately he got the gist.  That is good, he better get the gist or he will be fired and I will ensure no one employs him in the whole of the United States, Nonsense!.    

    I've never done this to any of my male employees before, they're free to talk to any female employee of their choice but not Catherine, definitely not her. She's mine! 

    Finally alone, I looked at Catherine. The look of surprise made me pissed. She has been smiling when she was talking to Victor but now that I am here, the smile has disappeared. I don't know why she despises me so much, even this morning she was rude to me even though she just met me. 

"You are still here, I thought you had gone home already?" She asked, "Anyway I am happy you are here, you saved me" she said  

    How can I leave when what is mine is still inside. Mine, hmm sounds nice. Catherine, whether you like it or not you will be mine, I will make sure of it. 

 "I was about to leave then noticed you needed saving." I lied, following her line.

"But who will save you from me? No one Catherine" I thought to myself, smiling.

 "Wow, how did you know?" She asked  

"I could tell from your body language. " I lied again,  "Man, you are good." I said to myself, chuckling. 

  She thanked me, unaware of my plan. I know she is only pretending to be nice, because she wants to keep her job. Trying to blame dumb I ask her why she thanked me

   If she knows how to play games, I will do the same. So lost in my thoughts I didn't hear her last words, I just agreed to everything she said. Can't stand her lies anymore, I told her to go home and waited till her car was out of sight.

  Once in my car before driving off,  I dialed Raymond's number. I need him to see me today at my place, I have a job for him. He is a private investigator, one of the best in his field. 

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