Looking at his expression, Michaela realized this was more intimate for him than making love. Maxim was sharing something with her that he had not shared with any other woman, any other person, period. Not even with Antonia, his wife of seven years.

          That did something to her. It made the most bittersweet pain twist her heart, made her stomach tighten with longing.

“I would like that…”

          Maxim put an arm around her and took Michaela’s chin in his hand, tilting her face up so that their eyes met.

“Misha… I want to paint ALL of you. No clothes, no barriers… I want to capture only you and our child.”

          Realization of what that meant dawned slowly.

“Oh… I can’t do that, Maxim!” she protested, her cheeks heating at the idea of getting naked in such

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Bella Jersey
Depression is so hard because a lot of people go talk to me. Talk to me. The person dealing with the mental illness can’t talk to you or explain. If they could they figure it out them damn selves
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Derena Marie
it is unfortunate and repetitive the situation with his wife. Bringing her up after and before sex it bad form

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