Michaela ran her soft hand over his abs, and Maxim’s stomach tightened, his whole body aching, ready for her again. If it was only his body that was affected it wouldn’t be so dangerous, but his chest felt too full when he looked at her when he touched her. It was too much. It wasn’t what this was supposed to be about.

          Maxim thought about what his father had said. About the paternity test. Michaela had even commented that if they’d made a mix-up at the lab in the first place, it was possible they had made a mistake and that he wasn’t the father.

          If that were true, Michaela would be free to go back home. They wouldn’t even have to get married. He’d imagined that thought might make him feel free, that the prospect of escaping marriage might make the tightness in his chest lessen. Instead, it sent an intense

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Bella Jersey
I’m Maxim you are an asshole now. If you can’t see during a very trying time you left Michaela with evil people
goodnovel comment avatar
Shaheen Khan
this is men's character! before he could enjoy her body so many sweet talks. now after many times passionate sex he doesn't need to do it any more. so he is harsh now

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