The desire hadn’t gone away. Not even for a moment. She could see from the molten heat in his eyes that he felt the same.

“I’ve never been playing with you,” Maxim replied, his voice intense. “Please know that. I’ve handled things badly, but hurting you was the last thing I wanted.”

“Still, you did hurt me,” Michaela concluded. “We promised we were going to talk about things, but we didn’t. You just shut me out, and I have no idea what happened to cause it.”

          He raised his eyes and met hers… the stark, raw emotion in them shocked her.

“I know,” he said roughly. “You can’t imagine how sorry I am. Please come with me, Michaela.”

          She nodded slowly and let him lead her from the villa. When she realized where they were headed, Michaela stopped.

“Maxim... No… I can’t…”


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Debbie Tupou
Really beautiful story but I had wished there was abit more to how the paternity test secret was leaked, the grand wedding and what the Queen and King thought of her later.
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Love love love this. So well written and such a good story line. I could have kept going with this story I loved it so much!!!!!
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Kudos to the author of this book! I loved it! Minimal errors, well written, and so interesting I read it in only a couple days. I never do that on this app. It was the perfect length as my books on my KindleFire.
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