Prologue- The Mafias

Hunter’s PoV

“Kill” I ordered my men to finally shoot the traitor, the bastard was an informant, living under my premises but working for the Russians. I would’ve killed him the day I got to know he was planning something against me, but I waited for a week to get to the main cause of the trouble. The Russian mafia was second in lead after us, the Salvatores, who were, are and will always be our revels, are now trying to overtake us.

Ofcourse, that’s impossible because of multiple reasons, like they are into things that are not acceptable in our world. They are into human trafficking, too much into drugs, weapon smuggling and what not. As for us, we are into only drugs and weapon dealing, no human harm, girl exporting, slavery, etc. is my thing. We are totally into the business of clubs here in Italy. The mafia is a side business, illegal, but that’s what we are taught. 

I am a ruthless beast, kill almost a hundred people in a week, a sex addict bastard, an alcoholic leech, earning a few millions in a month. People are afraid of my presence cause they know for me killing someone is a matter of seconds, people are aware of my beastly demeanor. 

“Boss, the bastards have all the information of our shipments, our dealers and our clubs” my right hand, Luke Mathew, the best sniper and the most loyal champ of our clan. He is my best friend and that’s why I never killed him for his sluggish means and pathetic jests. 

“He was getting all that information that I wanted for him to know, don’t worry apart from the clubs, everything he knew was fake” I said, putting my bloody knife, with which I just sliced the traitors chest, under the running water. 

“Boss, that’s something I love about you” Luke muttered, washing his hands from the sink next to mine. My eyes met with his in the mirror and his lips twitched up in grim smile, I shrugged, washed the blood off my hands, turned around to leave the warehouse, “I need a fucking coffee and breakfast, can you clean the mess and meet me in the mansion in an hour?” 

“Sure Boss” when I heard his voice, I walked out of the warehouse, putting my sunglasses on, entering into my Bugatti La Voiture Noire, roaring into life with a smug smile on my face. I drove to the nearest starbucks. My body was still in the dire need of waking up, the bastard chose to kill the traitor at 8am. I was up all night and slept at 6am only to be woken by Luke who had found out about the Russians. 


“Black Coffee without sugar” I ordered the coffee at the counter, my eyes focused on my phone reading an article, about some random girl, of course that’s the Russians living here to egg up my blood. The bastards never leave a chance to raise the war between us. I was so lost in my track of thoughts that when someone called me a few times I didn’t hear it. I felt the clicking of the fingers that caused my eyes upwards, and fell on the beautiful blue eyes, her face flushed slightly, her lips as plump as they should be, her pointed nose. She was the most beautiful angelic self, her eyebrows raised upwards, I opened my mouth to say something cocky to throw my charms at her but before I could do that, she said frustrated, “You should be attentive if in a queue”.


“It’s ok, here is your black coffee without sugar for 5 euros, anything else” she cut me off, rudely. My eyes were widened but I couldn’t just fucking show her, who I am, and what power I behold. She was an angel, her eyes, her lips and her heavenly body shook me from within and believe me that never happened before.

“Are you on drugs?” she said with disgust looking at my tattoo on my chest, I shook my head, clearing my throat, I took out the 100 euro currency, and handed it to her, muttering, “Keep the change”, turned around to leave, but didn’t let the look of surprise and shock on her face unnoticed.

I sat in my car, dialed Luke’s number on the bluetooth, “Angel Rose of starbucks. I want her at the mansion by the evening”. I hung up without waiting for his reply.

I need her as mine as soon as possible. 

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