Chapter One

Angel’s PoV

I was dragged into the locker room by my friend, Shea, her eyes were shining excitedly. “Fuck him, girl. He is the hottest man alive” she whisper-yelled, chuckling thereafter. I rolled my eyes, took off the apron, and started pulling my hair in a messy bun, I was damn tired of my multiple jobs. All night I was awake studying a few thesis of psychology, the project on which I am working is taking away all my peace. 

I really need a break from my studies and my jobs. Living all alone since a very young age is way difficult for anyone. Mine was much more difficult than everyone. I have lived in foster homes ever since I remember. I don't know what happened to my birth parents, but I know that they never tried contacting me. Moreover, no one in the foster homes had any information about us. I grabbed the paper towel and wiped my face gently. 

"Girl, you need to know him." I threw her a look to shut her mouth but her excitement over bode everything. 

I shook my head, grabbed my purse and started walking towards the exit, ignoring her intoxic words completely. She kept munching on her excitement walking out with me, "Will you just shut up" I whisper-yelled at her. 

"Do you even know who he is?" she asked skeptically.

"No Shea, I really don't give a fuck who he is. Please lemme free now, I really need to study once again all night." I muttered.

"Angel, he is a billionaire, the owner of various clubs of italy. Yo........." 

"Ms. Angel Rose, you are asked by Mr. Hunter" a huge man stood in front of us, his eyes stony and his grumpy voice gave me shivers. 

"Who the fuck your Hunter thinks he is? Let him know I said - Fuck You" I said frustrated of the fact he is bothering me when it was my time to walk home uninterupted. I heard a loud gasp from beside me and the huge man's eyes were popping out. I walked out of the cafe ignoring them. 

I walked a few steps ahead but collided with a wall, a wall in the middle of the road? I raised my head and my eyes fell on icy cold, devilish eyes, his mesmerizing orbs fixed with mine for a mere second and his stare turned warm. He was boring his soul in mine, and for a split of a second I melted into his eyes. "You were saying something Angel?" his voice broke the air in the atmosphere. "I..." I started nervously but couldn't form any words, his eyes raked my body giving me shivers, aroused me even more. 

He took a step forward, very softly he whispered, "Wanna try that?" 

I looked at me with utmost confusion waiting for him to make me understand, his eyes turned lusty, making me crave for his touch, my panties turned wet. His words started making sense, he was talking about the FUCK YOU part I just said to his man. His eyes shining brightly, his mouth upturned into a smirky grin, I gulped nervously, cause frankly the bastard had the power to turn me on just by a look. I was hating myself for being a slut right now, the freak has the nerve to pull my strings as if I were a puppet in his fucking hands. I pulled myself out of the trance, and took a step backwards, showing zero signs of any nervousness, evading all the havoc that was being played in my heart. I threw him a dangerous look before turning around to leave without any further words exchanged, but to my worst luck, I felt a tug on my wrist and in a swift moment, I was turned around collapsing on a huge broad chest of the demon itself. “What the fuck do you want, Mr. Hunter?” I said, groaning in frustration. “You, my Angel '' he whispered softly. I gritted my teeth angrily, shoving him but failing miserably. He gave me a smirk glare, “Darling, would you go on a date with me?” he asked, throwing his charms at me. I was awed at his look, because any woman would fall on her knees for just his touch, his looks, but but, I am not any woman. I am Angel Rose, the lonely soul on this Earth who has no worries in the universe to take care of. I need only my checks, to pay my bills. I have no one to look after and no one to look after me. I am what I am. A free birdy. I am happy the way I am. I wasn’t afraid of anyone, not even the demon standing in front of me. So, I made the worst mistake of my life, I raised my knee and hit him on his balls. He wasn’t expecting that and of course caught off guard, a painful yelp left him, making me chuckle further, “Never touch me, ever again, Mr. Hunter. I am not a toy you might have a habit of playing with. No Dates for me” I muttered, grabbing my bag which was lying on the ground amidst this chaos, it must’ve slipped away from my hands. 

“Fucking Bitch” I heard his man mutter, I turned around to glare at him, but what I saw gave me sudden shivers, it was Hunter with a gun pointed at his man, “What the fuck did you say, bastardo?” he roared, before pulling the trigger and shooting his man on his forehead, a loud shriek left me, my body started shaking terribly, “Boss” a man ran towards us looking at me and Shea, who was as shocked as me. My eyes were transfixed at the man lying dead on the ground. “Luke, get the women in the limo, and call someone to take care of the dead body” he ordered, making me shiver by his voice. He was hell scary when mad, I was dragged by the Luke guy, into the car, alongwith Shea, who was trembling just as me. 

“Listen girls, don’t you dare do anything idiotic now. Hunter will not think twice before killing either of you, if you girls want to live, do as you are told.” he said and slammed the door after him. Ordering something to the driver, thereafter and soon the car took us away, in a frenzy speed leaving behind the demon and his man. 


Hunter’s PoV

“The bastardo called my angel by names, I should’ve fucking took him to the wolves rather giving him an easy death.” I growled, angrily shoving my hand in my hair. I put the gun back in its holster, nodding at the dead body for Luke to take care of, he nodded in agreement and soon my chauffeur came down the road, ready to take me to my Angel. 

I shoved my ass in the car, waiting impatiently to be with my love, already.  I was just a few seconds away from the mansion, when my phone started ringing, I glanced at the screen and found my sister’s name on the screen, Not in the mood princess! Anyways, I picked up the call, “What the fuck are these skuts doing in our house? I told you, no fuck buddies over here, no matter----” 

“Think before you say anything further, they are my guests, Tiana. Don’t tempt me to put the next bullet in your skull” I heard a loud gasp from the other side, “You just warned me over some random slut” she cried into the phone, tempting me further. 

“Shut the FUCK UP, TIANA” I yelled into the phone. “Angel is not a slut, I fucking LOVE HER” my words were foreign to my ears too. “ Gosh, my brother is smitten in lo---” I hung up the call before any more of her teasing. I never ever lost my temper this bad on her, shit No! That’s not true, I always lose my patience around my little bitchy princess,  but this was the first time I was so mad at her that I warned her to blow off her head. Fuck! My Angel will be the reason for my death!

As soon as I entered the hallway, my eyes fell on my pretty Angel and her friend who were both still in a daze of their thoughts. I walked in further making my presence known, but both of them were out of the world. I texted Taylor to be here by tomorrow to deal with some emergency. Putting my phone back in, I yelled for Tiana who ran into the hallway soon after. “Get me some water and some of your night dresses” I said, she growled at me, “I am not your slave bro--” 

“No you are not, but don’t forget you are my snipper, my in command, its an order” I cut her off, she huffed muttering something incorrigible she left to get the things done. Soon a housemate came in with two glasses of water and a few dresses. I was about to get up when I heard a sob break into the air. It was my angel crying, right in front of me, because of my actions. I sat myself on the floor, near her feet, her friend was being taken away from us by Luke, whom I just saw was standing near us. 

“Angel” I whispered ever so softly, smiling at her, she looked at me with disgust and before I knew it she shoved me hard enough to make me fall on my ass. “Angel, I…” 

“No, stay away from me, you are a murderer, a monster, a demon, keep your filthy hands off me” she yelled, shoving her hands onto my chest repeatedly pushing me away from herself. 

I grabbed her wrist, a little roughly than I intended on, and pulled her off the couch, standing up in the process, and making her stand up too. “Listen my angel, you need to calm yourself now. I will not harm you or your friend but you need to comply with me, love” I said. She threw a look of disdain at me, her eyes wet with tears, her makeup smudging her beautiful face ruined with the makeup, swallowed and puffy eyes. I took a hold of her waist and pulled her closer to me, “Baby, please, comply with me” I whispered in her ears. She tried wiggling herself out of grasp but failed. 


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