Chapter Two

                                                         Angel’s PoV

I gulped loudly, he grabbed me gently, pulling me in his arms, I shivered when his touch felt differently calm. But why? His touch should not give me warmth, rather should be disgusting. I don’t want to feel better in his arms but somehow I feel exactly that, protected. 

“My Angel, come with me, please, baby” I nodded, following him as if he had my leash in his hands, and I were a pet to be wagged. 

He smiled widely, gently pulling me towards a room at the far end of the hall. When we were both in confidive walls, he left me, kissing my forehead, he whispered, “Baby, please go take a shower and then we'll talk, ok?” he asked ever so softly. I nodded and entered the bathroom, he just gestured. As soon as I stepped in, my tears were not at bay anymore, they were streaming down my face, a loud sob left me giving me shivers to the core. 

After crying for hours in a fetal position on the dirty and wet floor, I finally mustered up some courage to clean the awful memories off my body. Taking a step into the shower area, I let the icy cold water pierce  my skin, with its coldness. I then took a deep breath, took the shower gel from the aisle, and poured it on myself, cleaning away the dirt and mist. 

“No, please he is the only person I have, please don’t kill him sir.” I begged, joining my hands in front of me, asking for mercy from my foster dad. He glanced at me in disdain for a split of a second. “He killed his mom, your ma’am” his voice roared in the air. “No, Sir, he didn’t. He was not even at home when she killed herself, I was there, she herself pulled the trigger.” I stuttered. 

“You both are lying, you both should be killed” he yelled, aiming the gun at me. I waited for the blow, my eyes shutting, ready to go away from the earth at the age of 10. 


I was dying but no, the bullet didn’t hit me, rather a loud shriek of Jay was heard in the misty air. I opened my eyes and my hands started shivering. My only family, my foster brother, was lying numb on the floor, right in front of me, his eyes were popping out, he was dead, a third eye on his forehead, his head blown away by his own dad. “Jay” I yelled, kneeling beside him crying loud enough to wake the dead from the grave but what about my brother, he was gone, saving me from his father. 

Why would he come in between us? “Jay, Jay, please wake up, Jay. No. You can’t leave me all alone in this world, you promised me, you won’t” I screamed but for what he was already on his way to heaven, at the age of 15 he left the world, his dreams of flying in the air, as a pilot, still left to be unfolded. 

“You bitch. You killed my son. It was meant for you, not him, you fucking bitch” Sir yelled, pulling me by my hair, lifting me in a swift movement. His eyes were cold as ice and his grip on me was tightening, by each second. He slapped me with a loud thud, throwing me across the room raising his gun at me, swearing loudly. I shut my eyes waiting for the blow, I wanted to be gone, as my only family left me. I had no one to be with me, to hold me, to talk to me and to take care of me. A loud roaring was heard and a bang was echoed in the air. 


                                                        Hunter’s PoV

I was getting worried with each passing second, it’s been two hours since she was in the washroom, I could hear the shower, but not a single sound other than that. I knocked at the door lightly, impatience taking away my sanity. “Angel,” I whispered softly. “Baby, please open the door, my love” I whispered a little louder but no sound was heard. I panicked when it continued for a few more minutes. She wasn’t responding, no reply, no voice from within. She was sobbing an hour ago, but ever since an hour and 5 minutes now, she was numb. I pushed the door, banging it loudly, now, not waiting for another second, I kicked the door down, breaking it from its hinges. I entered the washroom and halted in my tracks, when I saw my angel, blacked out on the floor, stark naked, soaking in the cold water from the shower. Her body was turned bluish, her lips numbed from the coldness. “Fuck, Angel. Baby” I yelled, grabbing the towel from the aisle and covering her securely. 

I lifted her in my arms, in a bridal style, and walked out of the washroom, entering the room. I gently placed her on the bed, covering her shivering body with a cozy blanket. I increased the temperature of the room heater, to give her some warmth, but she was cold. 

Dialing, Mia, my personal doctor, explained everything to her, “Boss, you need to give her some body warmth, I am on my way till then” she said. 

"Ok" I muttered and pulled myself out of my clothes, jumping into the bed, embracing my angel in my warmth, covering either of us with the blanket. 

I started rubbing her body, trying to warm her. I kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, lifting her as close to me as possible. 

"Angel, please be ok. My love" I muttered. 


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