Chapter Three

Hunter's PoV

It's been a few hours since Mia left after checking upon my angel. According to her she has undergone some panic attacks which could be a normal thing for such situations. She even explained it must have triggered some past that caused it or it even could be just the situation I put her in. 

My baby is innocent as a flower. She couldn't even see the dead body in front of her. Shit! I just hope she gets up soon. 

I hugged her back, pulling her into my chest, lying her head softly on my chest, kissing her forehead softly. She was fast asleep and calm. I didn't know when I must've lured into a deep sleep, cooing loving profinities in her ears. 

Luke's PoV

I entered the room, tired, to even knock at the door before entering. Hunter never minds me in his room, even if it's 4am. My eyes fell on the bed and I was hell shocked to see him sleeping interwoven with the girl. He didn't flinch or wake up even when I was staring at him. Believe me or not, I have known him since we were kids and I have never seen him sleeping this calm. He would be awake if it wasn't for that girl. 

Fuck! This girl can be dangerous for our clan. She could be our boss's weakness in future. Hell! 

I was interrupted by thick clicks of heels erupting from the corridor, I turned around and my eyes fell on Tiana coming from her room ready for somewhere at 4am? 

"Where the fuck are you going Ti?" I asked. 

"That's none of your business, Like. By the way, why are you lurking at my brother's threshold?" She asked, peeking inside. Her eyes widened, "smitten" she whispered, smiling coyly. 

"That's not funny Tiana, she could be his weakness" I said, as a matter of fact. 

"Love is not a weakness, Luke. It gives you strength. I hope I can explain this to you this" she murmured in a daze. It was like a slap to me, the person whom I ever loved thinks, I don't know what love is. 

"Anyway, I am off to hit some cocaine in our clubs, would you like to accompany me?" She said. 

"How many times I have to tell you, Ti, don't ruin your life, please don't do drugs. None of us does that" I said, grabbing her by her wrist and pulling her in my chest. 

Her breath hitched a few nodes high,  sharp intake of the air, was enough evidence that she can feel my touch, still. 

Moving further into me, she leaned on me, almost touching my lips with hers, but keeping the distance. Her breath was hot, minty and a bliss for me. My eyes shut, waiting for the touch, to feel her lips against mine, just as it used to. 

"Fuck You Luke" she whispered against my lips, shoving me hard. I shook my head, gritting my teeth, angrily. "I have stopped fucking bitches" I muttered, intentionally hurting her. She flinched at my words, raised her hand to slap me but I grabbed her wrist, twisted it, at her back, pulling her into my chest forcefully. 

Pulled her into the corridor, not wanting her brother to know about us, if he wakes up. 

She growled, frustrated. "You bastard. I am gonna kill you" she whisper-yelled considering we were in the corridor where our voices would echo.

"Stop fighting it, love. Just go and sleep. No drugs, please" I whispered trying to calm her down. She gave me a look of adoration but only for a split of a second. Grumpier than before, she stomped her foot on mine, I groaned in pain, and with a satisfactory grin on her face she cat walked out of the corridor. I skeptically watched her entering her room slamming the door loudly rattling on its hinges. 

I walked back into my room, smiling at the thought of my Tiana, who actually listened to me and didn't go out to ruin her already ruined self. 

Well, I needed a cold shower, because frankly her bitchiness turned me on once again. 

She knows how much her mouth affects me yet she pulls my strings the most. 

My boss lady will be the reason for my death in either way. Firstly, I am his brother's age that would be 10 years ahead of her. Secondly, her brother will kill me if he finds out about my thoughts for his little sister. He would chop my balls in the first place if he got to know that I took her virginity at the age of 16. Fuck!

We have been a thing, a secret dirty thing for a few years back then but one day when we were almost caught by Hunter. I broke the little fuckery we had once. I couldn't cheat my only friend in such a way. He trusted me with his princess sister and I... I fucked it up. 

I love her. I will always love her. But Hunter won't understand. I can't ruin my friendship with him. I can't break his trust anymore. He helped me and gave me a new life. Taking me in his embrace, picking me up from the streets turning me into a man from a homeless lonely man. 

I can't betray my only family. 


Angel's PoV

Jay. My Jay. He is gone. He left us momma. You left us. 

Please God take me with him. 

I don't have anyone here. 

Take me Jay. 

You promised, you won't leave me ever. 

"No. Don't take him away. Jay..... No... Jay wakes up. Please" 

"Angel. Baby. Shh.. No one is going anywhere, baby. Wake up please" I heard a familiar voice cooing in my ears, a light kiss on my forehead was felt a little while later. 

 Fluttering my eyes open, I blinked back, adjusting with the brightness. When finally my photoreceptors activated, I opened my eyes in a flash, my eyes met with beautiful blue orbs. 

"Are you ok baby?" His voice brought me back to reality. The person who didn't even think twice before killing someone was hovering above me. 

I panicked looking at him, his eyes were concerned but all I could see was a man with a bloodied third eye on his forehead, how his family would be suffering, after him. What will his sister do when she sees his dead body? Will she turn into a crazy mane just like me? 

No... He is a murder. A monster. A devil. A demon. 

I pushed him hard, throwing him off myself. 

"No. Don't. Don't touch me. You are a demon. A monster. You killed him. You killed a man who might be having a family to look after. You..."

"Angel. Baby" he raised his voice, cutting me off. I groaned, pulling myself into a sitting position, my eyes snapped at my naked self under the blanket. 

"You are so disgusting you son of a bitch. You slept with me like this. Fuck. You fucked me?" I yelled covering myself with the blanket securely hiding my body. 

"No. Baby I didn't. Please. I just gave you warmth. My body warmth--" I slapped him hard enough that it gave me shivers. 

His eyes turned icy cold red hot raged, my body shivering from its core just by his look. 

"Just fucking listen to me first atleast." He roared, I flinched back, my eyes pooled up with unshed tears at his raised voice and his icy devilish glare. Murderously he glared at me, throwing a t-shirt at me. I pulled it over myself, covering my body. 

"You needed this warmth. You hyperventilate yourself. Some panic attacks according to the doctor. I just did what I was told to do." He yelled. 

I threw him an icy glare, "I wanna go to my house. I have a job. I have to study for my exams next week." I muttered mainly to myself. 

"No. You are not going anywhere. You will be living here with me" he said, my eyes snapped towards him. 

"What the fuck do you think of yourself?" I yelled. 

"My totally smitten in love with her Boss. She has the audacity to yell at you when your family doesn't even have a say in anything. " A loud voice interrupted us. 

I glanced at the door, to see an exact version of the beast, but a few years younger. His eyes were the same as Hunter's. His smile was contagious, mischievously he winked at me, "Hey beautiful. I am Taylor, your man's younger brother." He smirked. 

I flushed nervously glancing around the room. Soon a petite figure appeared, almost a few years younger than me, she had similar eyes as her brother's but she wasn't just a replica like the two. 

She glared at me, for a second, "You are a lucky girl, sweetie. My brother loves you like he had never loved anyone before. Stay put, princess" she turned her eyes towards her brothers, "SOS" she muttered, turning around and leaving in a swift action. 

I gulped, when both the brothers tensed at her words and sprinted off after her. Although Hunter was almost naked, only in his boxer shorts, he just grabbed his trousers that were lying on the floor and left the room. 


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