Chapter Four

Angel's PoV

I turned around sharply at the sound of someone entering the room, my eyes scanned the person from head to toe, he was lean, handsome and tall. I have seen him before but couldn't remember where I shrugged ignoring him. "Ms. Rose, you are requested in the meeting room by Mr. Hunter" he murmured looking at me skeptically. I glanced at him and the similarity in his features hit me hard this time, my eyes widened, "You...your brother, he was your bro...ther?" I stuttered, stumbling on my feet. He simply nodded, with a stony look, as if, it's ok if his brother died by the same hunter he was working for. 

"Ms. Rose, I am ordered to take you with me as soon as possible" I nodded, following him without any further delay. "What's your name?" I asked, walking timidly by his side.

"Francis" he answered, stolidly. "I am

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