81. The Battleground

“When will my coronation take place,” Cordelia asked Myra who was standing on the highest balcony at the front of the palace seeming to be looking far off into the distance. Cordelia had felt her anger over the last two days, ever since Aurelia and the Fire Mage had escaped. It was a move they hadn't anticipated, but the fire mage turned out to be smarter than they had predicted. The Dark Lord now wished he had killed the man when he had the chance.

“In time, they are coming.” Myra said quietly

“How do you know that? you said I will be queen, I demand to sit on my throne,” Cordelia said. Myra turned her eyes flashing dangerously, Cordelia felt her blood run cold seeing the red glowing embers that now looked back at her from Myra’s beautiful face.

“I know a lot, daughter of Ehlesaar… if you ever wish to see that throne, I would be very careful with how I speak,” she hissed the darkness emanating around her. Cordelia’s heart thumped, so this was the truth… The Dark Lord was within Myr
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She caught the dark lords attention now! Good thinking to destroy those machines and protect the dragons..

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