82. The Fallen Hero

“Let’s do this Dragina,” Layana said softly stroking the scales of her dragon’s neck. She saw Myra raise her arms - the darkness spreading like smoke from her, bolts of pure darkness were shot at Layana who blasted them all aside as the sky illuminated with her dazzling power.

Layla looked up at the sky seeing Layana facing off against The Dark Lord himself, where were the others who were needed for this plan? The plan was to isolate and trap him. She just hoped everything went smoothly as she used her own power killing orc after orc. Suddenly the darkness seemed to grow, the ground erupted beneath them and she tumbled back, their army looked ahead seeing the riders of The Dark Lord now coming to the forefront as the strong darkness that rolled off them only grew. Beasts of all shapes and sizes jumped out from the cracked earth attacking anything in their wake…

Declan motioned for them to fall back, letting the mages and bloodline users now step to the forefront. Magic and power were
Moonlight Muse

Thankyou for reading, if you enjoyed it please do leave me a gem, :( Aren's death was sad

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Carol Green Gibson
You actually had “the gift” all along! I can’t believe I waited so long to read this one.
goodnovel comment avatar
I knew deep down that Aren was going to die but I was hoping not. I wanted him and Kaydon to be happy together, so much death I don’t think I’ve cried so much over fictional characters lol smh
goodnovel comment avatar
Sweet, flirtatious Aren… It is so sad to lose such a good friend and one that never found his person. I wonder if Kaydon will take the news hard for their budding bromance. Declan flying his body to safety broke my heart.. there’s already been so much loss.

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