83. The Darkness

The Dark Lord looked at them coldly

“I have lived far longer than any of you, what do you think? That you can defeat me, you are simply exactly where I wanted.” He hissed.

“Think what you want but you will die by my hand,” Layana said softly her eyes blazing as she readied to fight, Declan raised his hand

“Layana… let me handle him until he’s within an inch of his life,” he said coldly, Layana frowned sensing the anger that was radiating off him, something had happened…


“I can handle the scumbag,” Declan said his eyes crackling as he raised his hand drawing his sword that now sizzled with electricity. He rushed forward not even waiting for Layana as he struck out at The Dark Lord,

“Come, let the anger take over, how did his death feel?” he hissed, Layana wondered who he meant as Declan rushed forth, running with ease despite the rubble of the destroyed palace littering the ground.

“Don’t you dare even talk about him!” Declan shouted coldly, sending a bolt of lightning
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goodnovel comment avatar
Despite his anger and hurt, I have faith in Declan! He won’t let the darkness in…
goodnovel comment avatar
Heather Reynolds
Declan is strong! He can fight the Dark Lord off! Please let me be right!
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