84. The Light

From far behind them, Kayden’s eyes widened in shock as he watched them fearing what may come upon them.

Layana rushed to Declan, his eyes were closed a deep frown on his forehead.

“Fight it!” she said cupping his face, her hands were shaking from fear, not even wanting to think about what could happen, the darkness grew, its putrid stench of evil and death filled the air, weighing down and cutting off the very air one needed to breathe. Layana staggered back as she heard the manic laugh of The Dark Lord. Layana stood up she needed to reach him! This couldn't be it; this was not the end- she refused to believe it!

She fought against the blasts of power that were rolling off Declan as The Dark Lord tried to take over, she had seen something similar happen to Declan’s father in the vision. But he had allowed it, to sacrifice himself for his kingdom, but Declan would fight for the kingdom, for her and for their baby.

She shielded her face as she pushed forward using a shield around he
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Damn I hate his only friend had to die he already lost his whole family

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