8. Layana's Defiance

Declan's cold glare turned to the beauty before him, one thing was clear unlike her sister she was not begging for his attention, rather she was frowning at him, her plump lips set in a determined pout.

“Layana,” Evaan said his voice dangerously low. Declan did not look away from those mesmerising eyes,

“No. let her speak, let’s see what the sheltered princess has to say,” he said mockingly, his words were like a knife to Layana. For she knew the truth in them.

Evaan heaved a deep sigh glaring at his daughter to back down. But both the temperamental princess and the cold heir of House Storm were staring the other down. Dark grey eyes boring into those iridescent red and gold.

“Yes, we may be ‘sheltered’ in your eyes, but it does not mean we are ignorant to the world around us. Perhaps we have not seen as much as you have. You might look at us resentfully for the blissful ignorance that we have. But I assure you it’s no fairy tale. Before judging us, remember we are human beings for
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goodnovel comment avatar
How did I become to hooked. I got here because of Alpha’s Betrayal. I decided to peak in here quickly while reading the other. And now look at me. Each chapter wants me to read the next. With a promise to make it just one last one.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cheryl Jones
I’m hooked! Each chapter is a delightful cliffhanger lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Lolololol 1k! She will be writing a new lord if the rings series

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