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Scarcely had there been a moment in Kairo’s life when he thought that he had done something wrong. That he was doing something wrong. His moral compass was true North, his ability to determine wrong from right was always a sharply honed blade that drew a firm line on the sand between.

The last time he had done something wrong, something so vile, unforgivable, had ended with him punished, raped, and cursed for all eternity. A wretched thing he was, forced to walk the earth with no sense of humanity and forever a beast without memory.

He thought that had been the worst day of his life.


There's no specific update schedule, I write when I can - which is, unfortunately, not much. But hopefully with time I will be able to upload at least a chapter a week. In regards to this story, it will be 45 chapters long, each chapter is north of 3500 words (or I try to keep it long to make up for my absence) The story gets violent, dark and erotic. His siblings and the past will eventually play a major role in this. Also, male wolves will experience heat in this book, not females. As always, a review or comment would make my day. Best regards,

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Still hoping you'll decide to come back to finish the story....
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I can’t wait for Kairo to go into heat! This should be fun. ...
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Lyz F. Maduro
now that we are past slamming tables, can we break em? *cough* need new furniture *cough cough* hahahaa.. thank u for the update! hope all is well and stay safe! ;)

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