Leya releases a soft hiss— like hot water falling on iced rocks, as the cotton swabs gently on her cheek. She presses harder, grinding her teeth back and forth while dabbing at the small cut.

It was barely perceptible, yet the pain and shame swathed over her shoulders like a blanket that weighed her down.

Her reflection squinted back at her, a soft sheen of water still glossing her skin from the brief shower. Hair damp and hanging in loose dark tendrils about her shoulders.

Leya lowered the bloodied cotton and tilted her cheek this way then that, studying the damage on either side.

It had been eight hours since the incident; Kairo Pressing her into the corner, his hand caging her face in a grip that frighteningly reminded her of someone else, his claws extended and digging, digging.

He had hurt her.

And she had cowered away, stripped of all the years it had taken to cultivate a firm exterior, all the nights spent willing her mind to ne

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Nel Clarke
Me too. It’s so good. Ah well…
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Is it sad that I’m still checking on this book? Still holding out hope for it to continue!
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I so miss you Beware of chicken and all your stories. Hope all is well and I hope one day you return to us. Much love from one of your #1 fans ...️
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