A happy ending

"I love you Rita like I had never loved anyone" Julia said and gently raised her head, capturing her lips.

   He started kissing her. It was a kissing of reunion. Julia was starving for her lips, he dragged her to the sofa and made her seat on his thighs.

   They both were graving for each other. It was as if they both were waiting to be charged by the other.

   " Let's go upstairs" Julia finally suggested, holding his breath and raising Rita to come along.

  Actually, how they arrived at the bedroom, non of them can explain. The kisses were making them ask for something intimate.

  Rita hasn't done it in a long time. When she became Pregnant and told Julia, he

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Sindhu Sunil
Loved this book. . waiting for more from you.
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Gertrude Sosoo
Nice story thanks author
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Thank you!
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