Lu Jingli's lawyer walked into the hospital ward and stood before Theresa Mo. He pulled a seat and sat on it.

  Opening his portfolio he brought out the divorce papers. "Ms Mo, please sign this paper and resolve your marriage with my client"The lawyer instructed.

  Theresa Mo doesn't know if she's to smile or weep. Lu Jingli is really a beast. He couldn't even let her out of the hospital before bringing the papers to her.

   "What if I refused to sign?" Theresa Mo asked. What would Lu Jingli and his mother do if she refuses to sign a divorce paper? 

  Her marriage would remain thereby preventing him from being with Tiana Mo. He can't possibly force her considering he was the one who actually drugged her.

  "Then you will force my client to take drastic action and go public with your adulterous lifestyle. Remember you are an illegitimate daughter and your mother's past life would be dug out" the lawyer replied with a disgusting tone.

  Theresa Mo felt her heart beat almost skip. She had always lived her life in contrast to her mother's. Her mother was said to have had her out of wedlock. 

  But when her parents decided to be married, her mother got hit by a reckless driver and she couldn't survive. Hence she remained an illegitimate daughter.

  She was three when her father married Molly Mo and they had Tiana a year later. She had grown under the tutelage of her stepmother.

  While her father was still alive, Molly Mo pit up with her. She didn't show her hatred towards her nor did she care about her. They lived together and had no issues all these years until her father died.

   When her father's will was read and it shows that he divided his wealth equally between his two daughters, Molly Mo was mad.

  How could Zongtian Mo have given Theresa the same share of his property with Tiana? The latter was an illegitimate daughter and she had been kind enough to accommodate her in the house and let her bear the Mo surname.

  But having equal rights with her daughter was going the extreme and she would never accept it. She was going to deal with Theresa until she was satisfied with her revenge.

  "Ms Mo, sign the papers"the lawyer urged her. He seemed to be in a hurry and didn't understand what was making Theresa lost in thought.

  Theresa raised herself carefully to sit down without affecting the infusion passed into her hand. He collected the golden pen from the lawyer's outstretched hand.

  The paper reads that she is Never to return to pick a needle in her matrimonial home neither does she own any more of those shares in her father's Company.

  Her property was compensation to Lu Jingli for being cuckolded. Theresa Mo's hands shook when she read the condition attached to the divorce papers.

   She sighed softly and stilled her irrational breathing and signed the papers. She signed the papers to the end of her wealth and properties, she just signed herself into a life of poverty.

  The lawyer saw her sign and handed the papers to him. He collected it and placed them back into his portfolio and then raised his head and smiled for the first time since he entered Theresa.

  "I wish you a great life Ms Mo and ehhm have a good day" the lawyer said and stood up walking out of the hospital ward.

  Theresa Mo watched him leave and her tears gave way down her cheeks. She had been ruined. Her life has become empty and void.

   She is empty. No parents, no husband. She thought she had a sister but alas, she's a green snake under a green grass. Where is her home, who are her people? Where does she turn for help?

  Theresa wept until she had no more strength in her to weep. She had nothing else besides the dress she had on which lay beside her on the bed.

  When she changed out of the hospital wear she's putting on, she had only that dress as her only belonging.

  The lawyer stepped out of the hospital and got into a tinted car where Lu Jingli and Tiana Mo sat. "She signed when I threatened her with her mother's past life"The lawyer seemed to be boasting.

  "I know you are capable of making that bitch to succumb. I will add 10% to your fees"Lu Jingli replied happily. Now he is free from the shackles of that bondage called marriage.

  Gush,he didn't like that girl a bit. She disgusts him. He had to put up pretending for the past four months.

  "Baby, you are the best ''Tiana Mo chimed, placing her head on Lu Jingli's shoulder and circling her hand around his arm.

  They both kissed each other and felt satisfied as the Chauffeur turned the ignition switch on, and doomed off.

  No one came to check on her for the next two days she remained in the hospital. She ordered takeout and ate while in the hospital. She's glad he left her phone by her bedside.

  She had transferred the few money in her account to a secret account that she had access to. She can underestimate the extent to which Lu Jingli would go.

  She was able to pay Her bills and got discharged from the hospital. Since she couldn't return home, she had to go to her stepmother's place. 

  At least that house belongs to her father as well. She could stay there for a while and find something meaningful to do with her time and life.

   She boarded a taxi and told him the address to drive her to. She can vouch for her stepmother. She wouldn't be in support of what her daughter had done.

  She may not have really loved her but at least she was the one who paired her forcefully to Lu Jingli. She's to be blamed for forcing her with that idiot.

  If she got to know that her daughter had a hand in what led to the split of the marriage she instituted, Molly Mo would definitely be mad with her daughter Tiana Mo.

  The taxi driver came to a halt at the address that Theresa Mo had told him. He waited to see her alight but was surprised when the woman he carried remained in the car without the slightest intention of stepping out of the car.

  He glanced at her from the rear view mirror and saw her teary eyes. She was shedding tears and at the same time seemed to be lost in distant thoughts.

  The taxi driver shook his head. Everyone has one battle or the other they are fighting. He doesn't know what is eating up such a beautiful woman but he knew she looked troubled and lost.

  He has his own battle too and she may not know him as much as he cannot guess her. He sighed softly before saying "ma'am, we are there"

  But Theresa Mo didn't hear him talk to her. He repeated it one more time and pressed his car horn. Theresa Mo suddenly jerked out of her thoughts and looked embarrassed.

  How long had this man been talking to her and she didn't hear him. He had to even press the horn button.

  She cleaned her tears and alighted from the car quickly. She paid the fees but before the taxi man collected the money he said "ma'am, I may not know what you are facing at present but I want you to be strong and don't lose hope. 

  Everything will be fine, give it time" he collected the money and Theresa Mo told him to keep the change.she smiled and said thank you to him before hurrying her steps towards the house.

  But at the threshold, she froze when she heard the voices of those in the house:

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