Thrown out

   Theresa Mo was shocked and rendered momentarily dazed. Her stepmother was part of the set up?

  "I got everything back. That girl shouldn't have been allowed in this home in the first place. But now, she takes from Tiana what was supposed to be hers alone"Molly Mo said excitedly.

  She seemed to be in Company of some people. Theresa Mo never thought she would be involved in something so shady.

  "Aunt, I told you to leave everything in my hands. I was going to strip her off everything she's got. I not only did that but also made her lose her first time to a hooker.

  Who's going to marry a girl who's poor and not innocent. Such a combination in a woman drives men far away like the west from the East"Lu Jingli praised himself.

  "Mum,I told you to have full faith in Lu Jingli. He had proven himself competent to be my husband"Tiana Mo said shyly.

  "Absolutely Tiana. Congratulations once again"Molly Mo said and Theresa Mo heard the sound of glasses clicking. 

  They were having a toast to her downfall? She tore the door knob and stepped in. The guests were surprised when they saw her and none of them made any sound for the next few seconds.

   Theresa Mo palm formed into a fist. This is a confederacy of conspirators. They plotted against her and she unknowingly fell into their trap.

   She looked at their faces one after the other. They were four in number. Molly and her daughter Theresa Mo. Lu Jingli and his mother Cherry Lu. These are the people who dragged her into the mire.

  But one day, she would rise again and pay every one of them for what they had done to her.

  "Tik..tik..tik see who we have here? The adulterous wife. You still have the effrontery to come back here? You actually threw away the last bit of shame you have in you?"Molly Mo mocked.

  She eyed Theresa Mo from her head down to her toes. She walked over and circled around her. Before she laughed out loud.

   "You've heard everything we said right? Well I am going to tell you how it all started. I had planned this a long time ago with my dear friend Cherry Lu.

  We had her Son help us execute the plans in exchange for him marrying Tiana. I forced you into the marriage so that we can get everything back later.

   That's why Lu Jingli never touched you nor had sex with you. He will be Tiana's and cannot waste his manliness on an illegitimate daughter like you.

  We organized the party solely for this purpose and Lu Jingli was the one who drugged you. You were hooked up with a man and the rest you know about it.

  This house is out of bounds for you. Everything I have done for you and the years I have accommodated you is all you will have and live in that memory"Molly Mo declared without remorse.

   Theresa Mo wanted to cry but held her tears. She will not appear weak before these people otherwise they would mock her the most. 

  "What have I ever done to you to deserve this?"Theresa Mo asked. She wants to know why she did this. Is it because her father divided his wealth between her and Tiana? She's the eldest after all or was it because her parents did get to be married before birthing her?

  "Because you are Zhongtian Mo's illegitimate daughter"Molly Mo replied and eyed her before drinking from her glass.

  "Lu Jingli and I have married Theresa, we are happy"Tiana said, raising her finger and letting Theresa Mo see the golden wedding ring on her finger.

  "Congratulations Tianan. I wish you both the happiness that you truly deserve"Theresa Mo replied and she saw Lu Jingli squinted.

  She wasn't wishing them goodness at all,she was actually cursing them and Lu Jingli understood. He couldn't say anything about what she said but knew Theresa Mo's heart has nothing good in there for them but retribution.

   He felt a little uncomfortable with the way Molly treated Theresa but at that point he couldn't go back on what he had done. He was pushed into this act by his mother with the promise that he would own the entire Mo's business if he eventually married the legitimate daughter.

  What else was Theresa waiting for? She turned her back and left. As she opened the door and stepped it,she turned back to look at the house that holds her childhood memories.

  Where her father carries her and Tiana on his thighs or shoulder and they play like a mother dog and her puppies. But today, that house was out of bounds for her henceforth.

  She let go of the door and it jammed on its own accord. She walked briskly out of the valvast compound and the tears she had been trying to hold back ßeemd as if they were let loose and it flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

  She wandered on the street and didn't know where to go. She was loitering on the pedestrian when she stumbled upon her childhood school friend.

  "Theresa Mo!!"Rosa called and ran to hold her. That was when Theresa saw many people turn and stare at her. And suddenly a car going at a high speed zoomed off beside and the breeze from the car made Theresa and Rosa to stagger.

 "What's wrong with you Theresa? Do you want to die?"Rosa yelled at her and looked at Theresa. Her face was swollen red and she looked tired and weak.

  "Thank you Rosa,"Theresa Mo said. She would have been knocked down just a while ago hadn't Rosa pulled her away from the middle of the road.

  Maybe it would have been better if she truly died. She would join with her parents and her misery would be over. She should have died rather than Rosa pulling her.

  She heard murmurings from the laser. Some insulting her and others pitying her as they shook their heads and walked away.

   Some threw words of caution to her while others simply hissed and went away. Rosa held her hand and took her to the side.

  "Where are you going Theresa Mo?" Rosa asked. Last that she heard, Theresa Mo had a quiet wedding with a certain dude a few months ago. 

  Why is she looking so miserable? Where is her husband and sister? She has a little sister Tiana if she can remember correctly.

  "I don't know,"Theresa Mo answered. She doesn't have a home, she has nowhere to go. Perhaps she can find a comfortable place in a corner of the street to pass the night.

   "What do you mean you don't know? Where's your home address?"Rosa asked. She's married and definitely has a home with her husband. She equally has a home in Mo's mansion.

  ",I have no home anywhere Rosa. I am a wanderer. Maybe you should have left me a while ago to get crushed by that car rather than saving me"Theresa said with teary eyes.

  Rosa understood. Her marriage was definitely having issues and she can't possibly return to Mo's mansion. She didn't say anything again nor ask her further questions.

 She hailed a taxi and pushed Theresa Mo inside and she joined her inside the car. She gave the driver her address and he drove her home.

  Rosa lived with her mother and brother in their little house. Little because it is nothing compared with where she lived and grew up. 

   Rosa's mother saw her daughter return home with her friend many years ago. She welcomed them both. But seeing Theresa Mo's sad countenance, she didn't ask any more questions.

  Rosa's mother and brother took Theresa Mo in and entertained her. She ate and took her bath. Rosa's mother said she could occupy the guest room for as long as she stays in their house.

  Theresa Mo couldn't imagine she could receive such good hospitality from an old friend. She sobbed more. An old friend has become her family and her family has become old friends to her. What an irony.

  Two days passed and Theresa was getting to smile slightly with Rosa's brother's little jokes. None have asked Theresa Mo what happened to her a few days ago until four days later and she was a little cheerful and talked freely with them.

  She was still reserved but a little free with their present family. Rosa's mother that evening called Theresa and Rosa and daughter and asked them what happened?

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